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The Checklist You Need to Applying for Your First BTO

Buying a BTO (Built To Order) flat is not an easy thing. First there is all the information you’ll need to gather about the process. Then comes the eligibility criteria and the loan applications. Then there is the whole waiting for the paperwork to come through. Presenting; a small guide to help you get through all this.

Singles Tell Us 6 Tips They Learnt as First Time Homeowners

Two singles share their experience in purchasing a condo unit and a BTO singles flat to offer critical tips for first-time single homebuyers.

5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a House

Planning on purchasing your dream home in Singapore? Purchasing your dream house is a big deal and don’t let anyone tell you anything different! Let us help you out by telling you about the important questions you need to ask before you do so!

Is HDB Loan Refinancing a Good Idea?

If you are reading this article, you’d have already taken an HDB loan, but are now wondering whether you made the right choice. You want to know if refinancing an HDB loan with a bank loan is worth the effort. Don’t worry, we have the right information for you!

SIBOR, Home Loans, and the US Economy – The Money Cycle

Owning a home is a dream most of us harbour, spending a majority of our life trying to turn this dream into a reality. Those of us who have tried know the hardships involved, be it finding a home which suits our needs, arranging the finance, paying mortgages, doing the paperwork,… the list is exhaustive.… Read More »

What to do if your home loan gets rejected?

Imagine a situation where you just got to know that your home loan application has been rejected What now? Before you whip out a playlist consisting of sad Stefanie Sun’s songs, you need to know this is not the end of the world. Or the end of getting your dream home. There are several reasons… Read More »

Secure Your Financial Future By Not Missing Payments On Unsecured Credit Debt

Silver Lining in a Nutshell: What Singaporeans have done right in the past year when it comes to Credit Card Debt: The ratio of credit card rollover balance to the country’s GDP remains low at 1.4%. Credit Card loans rose to 16% by the third quarter of 2012 but turned negative by the second quarter… Read More »

Guide to expenses involved in purchasing a new property

If you’re looking to buy your own home in Singapore, no one really needs to tell you that planning is key. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the cost of the property is the only cost you’re going to have to bare. Let’s start with the basics – depending on where the property is located,… Read More »

Should You Stay or Move? Can’t Decide Between Relocating and Renovating?

Let’s face the bitter truth here; buying a house in Singapore is no joke, or it is so far off into the impossible for many people that it has become a joke! It’s a major life changing decision, especially because it is an expensive decision and a significant portion of your life and money will… Read More »

What you need to know about Bridging Home Loans?

Buying your dream home is always exciting, you are finally trading your old home for a home that you have always dreamed of owning and living in every single day of your life. This thought is enough to get you caught up in the excitement that you have completely forgotten that you have not yet… Read More »

How to Repair Your Credit Score

Many of us take our credit score for granted, start making late payments, missing payments etc. for various reasons, but whatever the reason, the result will always be the same – deterioration of your credit score i.e. a poor or below average credit score. Have you ever wondered as to how your credit score can… Read More »

Switching Home Loans – Why Do It?

Change is never easy because it involves conscious effort to move the course of action. But what if the change can give you monetary benefits? Will you still be skeptical to accept it? Whether or not we want to take a loan, there are many instances in life that compel us to do so and… Read More »

Six Ways to Move on From a Loan Application Rejection

Rejection is always hard no matter no matter in what form you get it and when it comes to money, rejection can be a real bummer. There are many reasons as to why your loan application has been rejected by a bank or any other financial institution. Three reasons are on the top of the… Read More »

Things That You Should Know Before You Buy A Second HDB Flat

There are several reasons why Singaporeans choose to buy a second home such as increase in total household income and choosing to invest in real estate, expanding your family, getting a better deal on a house, etc. One of the main reasons that Singaporeans decide to go for a second HDB flat when compared to… Read More »

The Journey On The Road To Debt

At a time when your son or daughter is planning to go to a good college in a few months, you must be thinking about your times with your parents, how you grew up and how things have been till now. The transformation that you have gone through includes several financial situations. Sometimes you have… Read More »