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4 Expert Tips on Choosing Your Blooms from a Wedding Florist

Your favourite Pinterest posts may just lead you to spend a pretty penny on the wrong blooms. A florist spills the truth about floral trends and the best tips when choosing your wedding flowers.

Here’s How Your Wedding Expenses Can Pay for a Free Honeymoon

When you start planning your wedding, one aspect of the expense is the honeymoon too. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get to go for the honeymoon for free? It’s not a fantasy because if you play your cards right, you could use a travel credit card to do just that for you. Here is how you could achieve this goal.

6 Life-Changing Questions You Need to Ask Before Getting Married

Getting married is a big deal. Most of us grow up dreaming about our big wedding day and can’t wait for it. But the moment the question is popped and the ring is on the finger, it can get a bit unnerving. Ask your partner these 6 questions before you get married to ensure that there are no surprises after the wedding!

5 Things Everyone Should Consider When Planning a Wedding

Getting swayed in the madness of wedding planning will result in an exorbitant celebration. Plan your wedding with these useful financial tips and tricks.

5 Unusual Wedding Destinations in Singapore

The usual wedding dinners are held in a hotel with the customary ang bao in hand. While such weddings look glamorous and grand, they are too common and your guests are likely to forget about them in the next month. However, imagine holding your wedding in a volcano! We are sure that they will be… Read More »