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20 Unique Wedding Venues in Singapore

If you want to ditch the conventional venues and do something different, here are your options. These eccentric, quirky, and offbeat wedding venues will add spunk to your celebrations and assure a lifetime of memories.

The price of love in Singapore

What is the Price of Love in Singapore?

You may be free to love anyone but love itself isn’t free. At least not when it comes to committing to love. Weddings cost. In case you’re wondering how much, here’s a breakdown.

Where Should You Hold Your Wedding Dinner in Singapore?

Getting married? Congratulations!

Although the big decision is happily out of your way, you have more decision-making in store. One of the most important ones, would be to decide your wedding dinner venue. To help you select the right place, we list out the pros and cons of hotels, country clubs and restaurants.