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Deals and Promotions You Can’t Miss out on at NATAS 2017

Planning to visit NATAS 2017? NATAS will be celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this time. It’s going to be raining deals and offers at the fair this year. We are here to help you figure out the best NATAS deals & promotions this year!

5 Tips to Remember When Planning Your Honeymoon So That You Don’t Come Back Broke

Can there be a better start to your married life than going on a trip together? But we know many couples who end up all spent after their honeymoon trip. You don’t want to make financial mistakes from day one and spend the rest of your life blaming each other, do you?

5 of the Most Epic Train Journeys to Experience in Asia

Train rides can be that repetitive motion one performs to get to work and back – or it can be this wonderful and exciting adventure you undertake to explore lands and cultures. Here are some really interesting train journeys across Asia that are bucket list material. Time to wake up the Sheldon Cooper in you!

Warning: Top Scams to Watch out for When Travelling in Asia

While travelling in Asia is a wonderful idea, you need to be aware of the ways in which notorious scammers can ruin your vacation leaving a bad taste at the end of the trip.

6 of the World’s Most Romantic Places You Need to Visit for Your Honeymoon

Plan a cosy holiday with your special someone to these romantic places around the world.

4 Top Secret Romantic Island Retreats near Singapore

Skip the Maldives. You can find pristine beaches, clear waters and the perfect Valentine’s Day holiday on any of these pretty islands near Singapore without busting your budget.

4 Flea Markets Across Asia You Must Visit for Budget Shopping

Everyone loves shopping but not all of us want to go out and spend oodles and oodles of money on things. Some of us are just looking for that one great deal. So what do you do? You let us tell you about the best flea markets across Asia which will enthrall you and leave you wanting for more.

5 Places You Should Visit During the Chinese New Year Weekend

Planning a break from Singapore this Chinese New Year? Most nearby destinations feature on top of travel lists making the idea of a vacation at this time quite daunting. If your definition of an enjoyable weekend excludes the tourist hordes, here are some alternative destinations you can head to.

4 Budget Buspooling Services You Should Be Using to Get to Work

Beat the peak hour rush on the trains and save on cab money by getting on board these cheap but super fast shuttle buses to get to work.

5 Detox Holidays That Will Change Your Life

There comes a point in our lives when we’d rather get away from anything and everything – the modern word for which is detox. Whether it is physical, mental, or digital, detox isn’t simply an ‘in thing’ to do anymore. It is quickly becoming a necessity. Luckily, Asia is peppered with detox retreats, spas, and yoga centres. Here are 5 of our favourites to bring you back to balance.

5 Amazing Asian Cities That Will Maximize Your Retirement Fund

Come retirement years and you are your own person. You can now explore and enjoy without caring about deadlines, work pressures, etc. We have five recommendations that will make your retirement fund run longer, while ensuring you have fun.

Living in Luxury: Top Cruises from Singapore You Need to Book

Is cruising around the region on your travel bucket list? Cross it off in 2017 and set sail for a luxurious break from Singapore. Book these lavish cruises and enjoy a holiday exploring Asia.

10 Cities in Asia You Can Travel to Knowing Only English

One doesn’t have to be linguistically gifted to travel the world – if being a master of multiple languages isn’t exactly your forte but the travel bug bites you often, worry not. Here is a list of cities you can travel to with only English in your language arsenal.

5 Quirky Travel Accessories That Will Help You Arrive in Style

Add some style quotient to your next trip by getting your hands on some of these funky travel accessories. From a suitcase that follows you around to a raincoat for your handbag, here is a list of stuff that is as useful as it is eye-catching.

5 Tips to Travel on a Budget to Your Favourite European Destinations

It is that time of the year when all you want to do is forget about work and head out into the wild, blue yonder. However, if your finances aren’t in particularly good shape, dropping everything and taking off on a whim can be a near impossible task. Luckily for you, there are a ton of great holiday destinations out there that you can head to without blowing a hole in your wallet.