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Save Money on Travelling! Here Are 10 New and Upcoming Attractions in Singapore

Whether it is rides that get your adrenaline shooting, green spaces that connect you to nature, unreal shopping experiences, or museums that engage your mind, Singapore has it all and more. Here are some new, not-so-hyped, and about-to-open attractions in 2017.

7 Places to Inspire You for a Memorable Vacation During the National Day Week

The National Day is fast approaching and is bringing with it loads of excitement. This year, you can enjoy mesmerising fireworks and performances at the National Day Parade. Or you can choose to skip it all and head out on a vacation.

10 Secrets to Taking the Indian Trains Only a Local Can Teach You

Traveling to India and planning to travel cross country on Indian trains? Does the idea of a long train ride in an unknown land scare you? Before you hop onto the ride, read these 10 travel hacks of traveling on Indian trains from the locals who swear by their effectiveness.

10 Travel Deals You Must Check out Before You Book Your next Holiday

Booking flights and hotels for your next holiday can be confusing. With so many deals doing the rounds, it becomes difficult to filter and decide which ones to take advantage of. Here are some offers you should keep your eyes peeled for when booking a holiday.

6 Secrets to Traveling Like a Local in Palawan, Philippines

A trip to Palawan can cost you a serious amount of money, especially if you didn’t do your research beforehand. Here are some tips that will let you explore the islands of Palawan like a real budget-conscious local.

6 Money-Saving Tips for Students Heading to Australia

A new country, a new budget! As you set out on your next adventure, here are some tips to manage your money better in Australia. We hope these help you have fun, while living within your means.

5 Best Ski Resorts Around the World and When to Go

If it is speed, snow, slopes, spectacular views, and crisp air that float your boat, read on. Here is a list of some of the best ski resorts around the world.

4 Ways to Get More Authentic Travel Experiences

Up the ante on your travel experience. Forget massive tour agencies and their standardised tour scripts. Explore a city with locals, take up interesting workshops (and bring home better souvenirs!), make new friends, and create unforgettable memories.

12 Insider Tips for First-Time Travellers to the Philippines

Travelling to the Philippines for the first time? Guess what? You don’t have to spend a fortune to indulge on an epic trip in this Asian hub. Hear it from a local and make it a perfect vacation for you.

6 Online Platforms That Help You Travel Longer for Less

From work exchange, to volunteering, house-sitting and absolutely free accommodation – check out these 6 websites to get free accommodation and food while you travel, meet locals, explore remote areas of a country and gain an authentic experience like no other.

Epic Mountains Around the World Even Beginners Can Climb

Call it a new fitness routine or an activity that gives you an unbeatable adrenaline rush, mountaineering is an experience like no other. If you are looking for an adventure that will not only challenge you physically but also mentally, then it is time to give these mountains a chance. Here is a newbie mountain climbing bucket-list that you need to start ticking off now.

6 Waterparks in Asia You Must Visit to Beat the Heat

Beat the heat with a splash! What better way to holiday in the summer than with a waterpark break? Choose from these wet and wild waterparks around Asia for a cool family vacation.

Two Public Holidays in May! 5 Places You Can Visit for an Amazing 2-Week Holiday with Just 8 Days of Leave

Plan a long vacation – and by long, we mean an extended two week break. Here is how. With May Day on the 1st and Vesak on the 10th of May, all you have to do is take 8 days off, add your weekends to the mix, and you are set to visit foreign shores!

5 Breathtaking Hill Stations in India You Must Visit in 2017

India is a land of some truly awe-inspiring destinations. From places that exhibit the brilliance of Indian culture to places that take your breath away, the Indian landscape is diverse and possibly has everything a traveller needs under the sun. If hill stations are what you’re looking for, well, these are some destinations that will leave you speechless.

6 Inexpensive Holiday Ideas for the Good Friday Weekend

A Good Friday weekend break is a ‘good’ idea – take off to a nearby destination for a short, rejuvenating break. Here are some ideas for solo, couple, and family trips.