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International Women’s Day: 4 Women Led Online Stores That You Must Check Out

Who knows what women want better than a woman? This is particularly true when it comes to clothes and fashion. Check out these women led online stores and see the difference for yourself.

6 Places to Buy Jewellery from This Year: Valentine’s Day Special

We have hand-picked, especially for you, the best places to buy jewellery for this season of love. Make this year’s Valentine’s Day the best one ever!

5 of the Best Online Grocery Stores in Singapore

Who wouldn’t like shopping for groceries from the comfort of their home? If you are looking to purchase groceries online, you should check out these five online stores!

8 Ways to Get Cheaper Groceries in Singapore

Are you tired of going grocery shopping and returning with heavy bags and an incredibly light wallet? Read on to know how to keep your bags and wallet both heavy the next time you go grocery shopping!

Last Minute CNY Shopping Deals You Must Not Miss

Shopping brings with it an amazing feeling of happiness and satisfaction but if you lay your hands on something selling at a discount, the experience just gets sweeter. Check out these deals.

Best Outlet Malls in Singapore to Splurge Without Breaking the Bank

No more waiting for festive offers. Take advantage of great discounts on premium brands by shopping at Singapore’s best outlet malls.

4 Flea Markets Across Asia You Must Visit for Budget Shopping

Everyone loves shopping but not all of us want to go out and spend oodles and oodles of money on things. Some of us are just looking for that one great deal. So what do you do? You let us tell you about the best flea markets across Asia which will enthrall you and leave you wanting for more.

Best Cashback Sites in Singapore to Make Money Back

If you are shopping online and not through a cashback site, you’re just leaving money on the table. Singapore has been shopping electronically for over a decade now, so it is only natural that the next step in online shopping – cashback websites – should catch on really fast here. Take a look at some popular cashback websites in Singapore.

Why Shop Online for Christmas Gifts with Your Credit Card?

Everyone loves Christmas. Not just because of the cosy Christmas trees inside homes with gifts crowded around its trunk, or the giant colourful Christmas trees at malls, but also because ‘tis the season of SALES! DISCOUNTS! SPECIAL OFFERS!

5 Cashback Offers That Make Christmas Shopping More Fun

This is the season to be jolly and why is that? Yes, the obvious answer is that it is Christmas time. However, the happiness quotient is also high because in this season of giving, your banks have great deals lined up just for you!

Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Christmas season is the season of gifting. But, it is also a tough time for budgeting. You have to often shell out a lot of money to get gifts for your loved ones, colleagues, neighbours and sometimes, unexpected guests. And add to it the stress of planning for unique Christmas gifts or thinking of interesting… Read More »

Save as You Shop Using the Citibank SMRT Platinum Visa Card

We all know that leading the kind of lifestyle we want with the pennies that we earn can be a bit tough in Singapore. Especially, if you are an adult who has just started earning and has flown away from your parent’s nest. Groceries, bills, rent, the list goes on. Forget about affording luxuries, just… Read More »

7 Offbeat Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is that time of the year when people show their appreciation to the most important person in their lives. When it comes to choosing a mother’s day gift most people stick to flowers, coffee mugs and jewelleries. Even though these items can be great gifts, they do not offer an element of surprise… Read More »