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Money tips for parents


5 Tips To Utilize Your Child’s CDA

Parents need all the financial hacks to let you do more with less when bringing up a child. Your child’s CDA is the best thing to start ‘financial hacking’.

20 Wasteful Things That Parents Spend on for Their Kids

Kids can go on with demands that are detrimental to your financial health. Here are some of the most common things that parents waste their money on, and suggestions on how to stop that from happening. And the best part, saving on these can actually help your kid.

4 Financial Steps Every New Parent Should Take

Maybe you and your partner have just welcomed your newborn into the world or are thinking of starting a family. The emotional rewards of having your own family is indeed priceless. However, the financial load of child raising isn’t light. Start your parenthood journey on a financially sound foot by taking these steps.


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