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10 Easy Ways to Stick to Your 2017 Fitness Resolution

Want to be fit this year? Here are some simple, smart ways to be fit without doing anything out of the way.

5 Trendy Fitness Workouts That Singaporeans Love

The latest trend in Singapore’s fitness universe is group workouts; it seems connecting with people as you sweat it out is as important for your health as the actual workout itself. So there you have it – a list of group fitness workouts that have become popular of late!

By Invitation Only Places in Singapore

We all love to hang out at our local bars and restaurants every weekend. However, have you ever wondered where does your favorite movie star or your super boss spend his/her idle time; how do they entertain themselves? Being affluent and eminent has its perks anywhere in the world and Singapore is no exception. We give you a peek into the exclusive (read: super difficult to access) places where the city’s crème de la crème rubs shoulders.