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4 Costly Addictions and Ways to Get Rid of Them

Being addicted or dependent on any habit or thing can end up spoiling your life. Many times, they tend to be costly too. We look at four major addictions in Singapore today and how to deal with them – alcoholism, gambling, shopping and the internet.

2017 in Finances: What the Stars Hold for You

The New Year party isn’t over till you’ve checked out what the stars promise you in the next 12 months. With our special focus on wealth, we tell all the Pisceans, Scorpions, Aquarians, and everyone else how 2017 is going to be when it comes to your financial health.

5 Celebrity Private Jets That Make Flying First Class Mundane

Villas and fancy cars are not mark enough of celebrity status anymore; in today’s jet setting world, celebs worth their stardom must have a pair of wings tucked away in a hangar somewhere. We’re saluting the Wright Brothers’ this December with a look at how far money and ingenuity can take an invention.