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Life Hacks to Maximising Your Economic Rice (Cai Png) Order

Are you planning to step out for Cai Png? Well you could do your usual thing and get the usual order. Or you could use these tips to make the most of your outing. You could end up saving a bit of money, getting access to more ingredients than others are being offered or even end up with more on your plate (literally) than you imagined.

6 Great Breakfast Places to Start Your Weekend Right

A wise man rightly said, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, and many places in Singapore take that seriously. Here are some of the best places for your morning meal around Singapore.

6 Great Places for Happy Hour Drinks Around the CBD

Looking a few rounds of drinks that will give you a happy buzz? Check out these bars for a fun night out after a long day at work. Here are some places around the Central Business District, where you can go drinking with your colleagues and friends. And enjoy the happy hours at the not-so-unhappy prices.

3 Dishes Singaporeans Pay to Eat Outside but Can Easily Make at Home

With food and water prices increasing, you’re likely to start paying more for your favourite dishes at the coffeeshop. Save money by learning these hawker, zi char and dessert recipes instead!

5 Champagne Brunches in Singapore That You Have to Try to Call Yourself a Foodie

In Singapore, you find Michelin starred hawker stalls and Michelin starred restaurants in 5-stars plus everything in between. One of these in-between delights is Singapore’s delicious champagne brunch. Read on for some of the best champagne brunches in the city.

5 New Eateries in Singapore That Are Worth Trying Soon!

Singapore has seen loads of new eateries open up in recent times. We are one quarter down in 2017 and if you still haven’t tried these eateries, there is no better time than now!

Top Family-Friendly Eating Spots Your Kids Will Love

Tired of dealing with kid tantrums and costly meals when taking the family out? This list of eating places offer activities for tots and value-for-money meals for both kids and adults.

6 of the Most Affordable Michelin Meals Around the World

With the Michelin Guide redefining itself to include cheap and casual joints, dining at a starred eatery no longer needs to interfere with your monthly budget. From New York, London to Singapore, here’s where you should be going for a treat.

8 Asian Cuisine Restaurants in Singapore That Foodies Will Love

We have all had days when we have cravings. The worst part of a craving would probably be not knowing how to fulfill it and that is where we come in. Whether you are craving for Indian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, or Malaysian cuisine, we have the place for you.

The Economic Costs of Going Vegetarian

Eating more fruits and greens is always good, but how much of an impact can a vegetarian diet make on the world’s economy? As it turns out, to the tune of trillions.

6 New Watering Holes in Singapore That Must Be Visited

With new bars opening at the drop of a hat in Singapore, figuring out which ones to try out can make you a little dizzy – even without drinking. Check out some of the new drinking holes in the Little Red Dot that stand out for their originality of concept.

These 6 Authentic Restaurants Prove That Singapore Is a Cultural Hotpot for Foodies

Here are some classic places where you can dig into authentic tastes from around the world in Singapore.

10 Scrumptious Supper Spots in Singapore to Satisfy Those Late-Night Hunger Pangs

Singapore is relatively well known for its exciting night life, but how is one to enjoy the excitement with a growling tummy? But fret not, we got you covered- here’s a list of the best value for money supper places in and around town.

5 Places for the Ultimate High Tea Experience in Singapore

High tea. The perfect excuse to have a delightful afternoon filled with chitchats and laughter with good company. We give you a list of places you must check out.

4 of the Best Apps for Amazing Dining Discounts in Singapore

Always loved to dine but worry about the damage done to your wallet? We collate the list of best apps for dining discounts in Singapore so that you can dine with nary a worry.