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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Negotiate Your Salary

What if you ask for too little or too much money? This is one of the main concerns, a candidate faces at a job interview during salary negotiation. Doing sufficient market research on your job profile and subsequent pay grade can help you negotiate better.

5 Myths About Job Hopping

Why recruiters and employers shouldn’t overlook a resume with varied work experiences and wider skill sets? Take a look at how job hopping is misinterpreted by hiring managers. This article will open your mind to understanding and dispelling 5 common myths about job hopping.

Should You Ever Take a Pay Cut?

When you are switching jobs, expecting a higher pay than your previous job is the norm. Surprisingly, that’s not the case at all times. Sometimes, you’re forced to accept a lower pay package for a myriad of reasons. What are those reasons? Read further to find out.

13 Smart Makeup Shopping Tips for Budget Beauty Junkies

Looking good can cost you. Here are some tips for the budget conscious beauty junkie when shopping for makeup and personal care products.

20 Budget-Friendly Items at IKEA That Are So Cheap You Must Buy Now!

IKEA is synonymous with good quality stuff at reasonable prices. But sometimes IKEA outdoes itself with even better deals. Here are 20 items that are so cheap they should be bought right away!

8 Mistakes to Avoid in Salary Negotiations

Negotiating a salary may seems like trying to make a stone bleed but it need not be so difficult. While negotiations are just about as common as getting a new job, it’s often at this stage where people tend to go wrong. To make sure you don’t make the same mistake, here are some common salary negotiation mistakes you should avoid.

Save Money on Travelling! Here Are 10 New and Upcoming Attractions in Singapore

Whether it is rides that get your adrenaline shooting, green spaces that connect you to nature, unreal shopping experiences, or museums that engage your mind, Singapore has it all and more. Here are some new, not-so-hyped, and about-to-open attractions in 2017.

10 Hipster Hobbies to Jio Your Friends to Join

One of the most integral aspects of being a hipster is having a hobby, preferably a retro one. An interest that is far away from the remote-wielding, button-clicking, instant world of today.

11 Jobs That Are Most Likely to Be Taken over by Robots

Any industry that requires actions to be performed within a set paradigm will lose jobs to machines. Is your job at risk? Will you be de-throned by a robot? Read on to find out if your profession is amongst the ones that is most likely to be taken over by a machine.

4 Costly Addictions and Ways to Get Rid of Them

Being addicted or dependent on any habit or thing can end up spoiling your life. Many times, they tend to be costly too. We look at four major addictions in Singapore today and how to deal with them – alcoholism, gambling, shopping and the internet.

7 Places to Inspire You for a Memorable Vacation During the National Day Week

The National Day is fast approaching and is bringing with it loads of excitement. This year, you can enjoy mesmerising fireworks and performances at the National Day Parade. Or you can choose to skip it all and head out on a vacation.

7 Things Fathers Can Do During Their Paternity Leave

Are you a soon-to-be father? If you are wondering where to find an effective step-by-step survival guidebook for the first two weeks, we have you covered.

Life Hacks to Maximising Your Economic Rice (Cai Png) Order

Are you planning to step out for Cai Png? Well you could do your usual thing and get the usual order. Or you could use these tips to make the most of your outing. You could end up saving a bit of money, getting access to more ingredients than others are being offered or even end up with more on your plate (literally) than you imagined.

6 e-Commerce Platforms to Set up Your Online Store

Are you thinking of selling items online, but have no idea how to get started? Read our quick introduction to some of the best e-commerce platforms you can use for your online selling journey.

4 Expert Tips on Choosing Your Blooms from a Wedding Florist

Your favourite Pinterest posts may just lead you to spend a pretty penny on the wrong blooms. A florist spills the truth about floral trends and the best tips when choosing your wedding flowers.