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Investing with Your CPF Savings: A Quick Guide to Get Started

Have you ever wondered what you will do once you retire? We are not talking about travelling the world or going for a cruise. We are talking about financing your retirement. Want to relax in your rocking chair and not worry about a thing after retiring? It is possible! Find out how!

Take the CPF Way to Deal with 2017’s Uncertainties

With the holiday season in full swing, it should be the best time of the year. However, while we celebrate the good times, we must also prepare for the uncertainties 2017 may throw up. Which begs that questions, “how far can your CPF savings help you prepare for 2017?”

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Add to Your SRS Before the Year Is Over

Singaporeans love their acronyms. So, here’s another one to add to your list which may also add to your coffers – SRS. What should interest you about the Supplementary Retirement Scheme is that, if properly managed, it not only helps you reduce what you pay to the taxman, but can also help you achieve the… Read More »

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