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The 101 on Education Endowment Plans for Your Child

One of the most expensive parts of raising a child is education. You need to start saving early for your child’s future requirements. Did you know you could insure your child as well as invest for him/her at the same time? Learn everything about child plans in Singapore.

Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Your Active Lifestyle?

When adventure sports is your main leisure activity, you know that your life is fraught with dangers. So have you thought about how you would handle the hospitalisation bills, or how your family members would cope with your loss – God forbid – in an ice climbing accident?

You Have a Life Insurance Policy Through Work. But is that Enough?

Life is full of unpredicted and unprecedented events and you must be prepared to tackle such situations. But no matter how much you prepare yourself, you will be affected to some extent. In such a situation, when your financial problems are taken care of, things become a little easy for you. Thus, an insurance is… Read More »