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The 101 on Education Endowment Plans for Your Child

One of the most expensive parts of raising a child is education. You need to start saving early for your child’s future requirements. Did you know you could insure your child as well as invest for him/her at the same time? Learn everything about child plans in Singapore.

7 Reasons Why Millennials Need Insurance

Think you are too young to purchase insurance? Do you have too many wants and too many needs that there is no spare cash for insurance? Don’t wait till it’s too late, though. Here’s 7 reasons why you should be getting insurance when you’re young.

Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Your Active Lifestyle?

When adventure sports is your main leisure activity, you know that your life is fraught with dangers. So have you thought about how you would handle the hospitalisation bills, or how your family members would cope with your loss – God forbid – in an ice climbing accident?

10 Questions to Ask Your Financial Consultant When Getting Insurance

Acquiring the right policy can be a daunting task with the number of choices available to us and often times we look towards an financial consultant to help guide us on the right path. But when dealing with an financial consultant we must ask certain questions to ensure that we get the best possible policy that suits our needs and requirements.

As a Young Working Adult, What Insurance Should I Get?

When you start working you feel like the world is your oyster but pretty soon the bills arrive and you start wondering how you will arrange payments for them. The biggest concern is having money for eventualities. That is where insurance comes into the picture because it secures you against unforeseen circumstances. Let’s take a look at types of insurance you need to consider taking as a young working adult.

What Types of Health Insurance Can Singaporeans Get?

Looking at purchasing health insurance? Lets face it, if you are smart, you will be looking for it. No one wants to go to a hospital and then part with their life savings just to pay for treatment. If you agree then you should familiarise yourself with the 5 types of insurance schemes available in Singapore. Read on to find out more!

Do You Need Health Insurance, Even with MediShield Life?

If anyone asks us Singaporeans whether we need a health insurance, we would say, “Nah, we already got it”. Since we have MediShield, some of us are quite lazy about getting a private health insurance. But it’s not as simple as that. Read on to find out why.

5 Reasons Why Not Getting Travel Insurance Could Really Ruin Your Vacation

Ready for your big overseas adventure but travel insurance was not on your agenda? What can travel insurance really do for you? Learn about the value a travel insurance policy can add to your overseas trip.

How to Choose the Right Travel Insurance for You and Your Family

You have checked every box to be taken care of on your checklist before your trip but forgot about travel insurance? This guide will walk you through all the facets involved in a travel insurance policy so you can choose the right travel insurance for yourself and your family.

5 Best Credit Cards for Travel Insurance

If you’re planning on taking a much-needed holiday with the family or heading out on a business trip, one of the most important things on your list of priorities should be getting a good travel insurance policy. If you’re looking to really enhance your travel experience, then acquiring a credit card that also offers complimentary travel insurance should be right up your alley. Not only do you get the benefit of protection and coverage for you and your family, but you also get to take advantage of the numerous rewards and perks that these particular credit cards have to offer.

2016 Will be highlighted by a Whopping 50% Increase in Cyber Insurance in Singapore

Singapore has been pushing to become the world’s first “Smart Nation” and to achieve the same, many businesses on the island have slowly warmed up to the concept that is cyber insurance in order to protect themselves from possible cyber-attacks that have been haunting the online platform for quite some time now. The Year of… Read More »

You Have a Life Insurance Policy Through Work. But is that Enough?

Life is full of unpredicted and unprecedented events and you must be prepared to tackle such situations. But no matter how much you prepare yourself, you will be affected to some extent. In such a situation, when your financial problems are taken care of, things become a little easy for you. Thus, an insurance is… Read More »

Travel Insurance – The Basics

Traveling is an integral part of our lives today. May it be going on an office tour for expanding your business overseas or making a trip to an exotic location with your family, meeting relatives after a long time who stay in a foreign country or attending a wedding back in your home land –… Read More »