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When Is It Worthwhile to Pay Your Credit Card’s Annual Fee?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you should be paying the annual fee for the day-to-day rewards that your credit card gives you. Or that you need to pay for the administrative costs and convenience of using a credit card.

But should you always request a waiver? Read on to find out when you should consider paying.

Co-Branded Credit Cards: Use Them Right for Big Savings

You must have seen credit cards that carry two brand names and wondered if they are any good. Well, if you love shopping at particular outlets, you should definitely find out if they offer a co-branded credit card. It’ll help you to save a great deal!

4-Step Guide to Protecting Your Credit Card Information Online

From buying groceries to purchasing a TV, everything happens online nowadays, thanks to credit cards. Here are some tips that will help you secure your credit card against hacking when shopping online!

7 Simple Things You Need to Do to Not Fall Victim to Credit Card Fraud

A credit card is an integral component of our wallet and is used by many on a daily basis. We have become complacent with our card’s security, and it’s exactly this complacency that makes us an easy target for fraudsters, for long gone are the days where they physically require your card to copy it. The 7 tips below will help you keep your card safe, and fraudsters at bay.

6 Tips to Get out of Credit Card Debt Quickly

Have you been leaving your credit card bills unread because you’re scared of the amount you need to pay? Do you spend sleepless nights wondering how you reached this place? Then what you need is a quick-fix to your credit card problems.

The Best Credit Cards for Wedding Lunches

Wedding dinners in Singapore are passé. Well, not really. They’re just more expensive given the high demand. So why not opt for a weekend wedding lunch? The advantage of it is higher attendance, and – as we know – more guests equal more ang baos! Who knows? Your honeymoon expenses might get covered too! Here’s… Read More »

What You Need to Know About Your Credit Card’s 0% Interest Instalment Payment Plans

Almost all credit cards carry this feature of being able to convert a large retail transaction, usually something above the likes of S$500 in a single receipt into affordable interest-free instalments over a span of 12/24/36 months. Now while these plans have a load of benefits, they do come with strings attached that not many people are aware of.

How to top-up your CEPAS Card using UOB Credit Cards

Time is money, and no one wants to stand in long queues, be it at the grocery store or at GTM counters. In this age of instant top-ups and immediate gratification, waiting can often derail your plans, throwing life into reverse gear. Well, all that is set to change, at least when it comes to… Read More »