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What To Do When You are Unable to Make Credit Card Payments

Let’s face it – no one’s perfect. We have all made mistakes in life, and when it comes to money and credit cards, we have all made a lot more mistakes in life. So what do you do when the credit card payment due date is nearing and you are unable to make timely payments on your outstanding bills? Not paying on time can land you in a pickle (not literally, of course), but there are some things that you can do to catch up.

[Infographic] How to Protect Your Credit Card

There are several ways by which unsavoury characters might try to get your credit card information. However, with a little bit of diligence, you can protect your credit card and keep your information safe and secure.

Co-Branded Credit Cards Use Them Right for Big Savings

Co-Branded Credit Cards: Use Them Right for Big Savings

You must have seen credit cards that carry two brand names and wondered if they are any good. Well, if you love shopping at particular outlets, you should definitely find out if they offer a co-branded credit card. It’ll help you to save a great deal!

Noobs Guide to Balance Transfer

Most of us have more than 1 credit card to our names which can lead to times when we might owe something on each credit card. The one thing that can happen in this situation is that the interest can make the debt almost unbearable and that is where a balance transfer comes in. Never heard of a Balance transfer Plan? Here’s all you need to know.

3 Simple Ways to Know Whether Your Credit Card Has Been Hacked

We love the convenience and benefits that comes with a credit card. Occasionally, we may come across an article like this one, reminding us that credit cards are still susceptible to hackers and scammers. It might seem like an unlikely occurrence, especially in Singapore. But make no mistake, as a familiar tagline goes, low crimes doesn’t mean no crime. Here are a few simple ways to find out whether your credit card has been hacked.

How Do Balance Transfers Affect Your Credit Score?

A balance transfer shifts your existing loan on one credit card, to an interest-free credit card. This will give you enough time to settle outstanding debts without incurring interest. While we can’t write a book on this topic, we can tell you what you need to know about it, including how it affects your credit score!

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