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Christmas Gift Ideas for American Express Credit Card Holders!

The season of joy and celebration is finally here! How can anyone not be excited for a holiday of gifts, log cakes, Christmas songs, and brightly decorated Christmas trees? And as much as we like to pretend that we are all grown up and Christmas doesn’t make us jump like little kids anymore, in our hearts, we know it’s not true. Christmas is the time to let your loved ones know how loved and cherished they are, and what better way to do that than through gifts? This festive season, treat your loved ones to the best things in life with offers from American Express credit cards.

Credit cards! How may should you have?

Four – the Magic Number for Credit Card Owners!

With lucrative cashback options and discounts being offered to credit card users, Singaporeans – on an average – possess 6 cards each. However, owning many credit cards does not guarantee that you are using them in an optimum manner. It is not the number of cards but how you use them that makes all the difference. So how many credit cards should one own?

Top 5 Credit Card Staycation Deals

5 Best Staycation Deals on Credit Cards

Are you craving a much-needed break from your work or household chores but dreading the stressful planning, never-ending immigration queues and wallet-busting rates of a…