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Best Cashback Credit Cards in Singapore

Cashback cards have been very successful among people who see little value in collecting points and miles, and prefer the instant gratification of cashback. Here’s a look at the best cashback credit cards that you can get your hands on in Singapore.

HSBC Visa Platinum Card Review: A Daily Necessities Card for Moderate Spenders

The HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card can take care of all your daily expenses and also your occasional meals whether at the fancy Wolfgang Puck or Black Swan or quick eats at McDonald’s. Let’s discover the depths of rebates this card has to offer and find out if it’s worth getting one for ourselves.

HSBC Advance Card Review: Great for Everything You Love, in Moderation

HSBC Advance Card offers a higher cashback rate on ALL retail purchases when compared to similar credit cards currently in the market. But wait, is the cashback too good to be true? Will you earn cashback on dining, grocery, entertainment, recurring bills, all under a single card? This review has the scoop.

HSBC Revolution Card Review: Is This a Good Card to Have?

HSBC Revolution Credit Card promises 5 times the usual rewards for dining, entertainment and online transactions. Sounds awesome, but is it really that great? How well does the card stack up against its competitors and what benefits can you expect from the card? Here we review the card to help you make the right choice.

4 Great Cards for Different Types of Female Travellers

Having the right plastic with you can save you money in the long run or pave the way for a next and cheaper vacation. These cards are particularly useful for female travellers, depending on what kind of traveller you are.

4 Credit Cards Every New Parent Could Really Use

Your spending habits are going to change with the arrival of your little one. Thankfully, these choice credit cards will go a long way in helping your family spend less and save money.

When Is It Worthwhile to Pay Your Credit Card’s Annual Fee?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you should be paying the annual fee for the day-to-day rewards that your credit card gives you. Or that you need to pay for the administrative costs and convenience of using a credit card.

But should you always request a waiver? Read on to find out when you should consider paying.

Co-Branded Credit Cards: Use Them Right for Big Savings

You must have seen credit cards that carry two brand names and wondered if they are any good. Well, if you love shopping at particular outlets, you should definitely find out if they offer a co-branded credit card. It’ll help you to save a great deal!

Noobs Guide to Balance Transfer

Most of us have more than 1 credit card to our names which can lead to times when we might owe something on each credit card. The one thing that can happen in this situation is that the interest can make the debt almost unbearable and that is where a balance transfer comes in. Never heard of a Balance transfer Plan? Here’s all you need to know.

Best Credit Cards for Entertainment in Singapore

With excellent discounts at entertainment centres along with offers on dining and movie tickets, entertainment credit cards make everyday life more pleasing and fun than ever before! Let us look at some entertainment credit cards that are offered by banks in Singapore.

What Are the Best Entry Level Credit Cards for Recent Grads?

After graduation, you went and got your first job. Now that you have your job and are earning, you probably want to complete the experience of becoming an adult by getting yourself a credit card. While you may dream of a card that offers you the world, the reality is that you may have to start with an entry level credit card. If you are looking for something like that then here is a list of 3 cards that can help you get started with your credit card experience.

3 Simple Ways to Know Whether Your Credit Card Has Been Hacked

We love the convenience and benefits that comes with a credit card. Occasionally, we may come across an article like this one, reminding us that credit cards are still susceptible to hackers and scammers. It might seem like an unlikely occurrence, especially in Singapore. But make no mistake, as a familiar tagline goes, low crimes doesn’t mean no crime. Here are a few simple ways to find out whether your credit card has been hacked.

Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card Review: A Cashback Card That Doesn’t Stop Giving

Cashback credit card lovers have a reason to rejoice, thanks to the new unlimited cashback credit card by Standard Chartered! Not many cards offer this. Read on to know more about the card and see how it stacks up against other cashback cards.

Here’s How Your Wedding Expenses Can Pay for a Free Honeymoon

When you start planning your wedding, one aspect of the expense is the honeymoon too. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get to go for the honeymoon for free? It’s not a fantasy because if you play your cards right, you could use a travel credit card to do just that for you. Here is how you could achieve this goal.