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How much does it cost for Singaporeans to live here? Find out the average costs of common expenses here.

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The Value of S$5 around the World

Your S$5 can get you fascinating things in many countries. Wait, don’t pack your bags and leave before you finish reading this list!

Price of Life in Your 30s

If ever there is a season in life that has the most changes, your 30s would be it. From singlehood to a twosome, DINK (dual income no kids) to growing family, starter home to family-sized abodes – life as a 30-something is a whirlwind of changes.

What is the Price of Love in Singapore?

You may be free to love anyone but love itself isn’t free. At least not when it comes to committing to love. Weddings cost. In case you’re wondering how much, here’s a breakdown.

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