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What Are the Best Entry Level Credit Cards for Recent Grads?

After graduation, you went and got your first job. Now that you have your job and are earning, you probably want to complete the experience of becoming an adult by getting yourself a credit card. While you may dream of a card that offers you the world, the reality is that you may have to start with an entry level credit card. If you are looking for something like that then here is a list of 3 cards that can help you get started with your credit card experience.

10 Money Tips You Need to Know to Get the Most out of Your Salary

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple tip. It can help you get ahead or save you a significant amount of money over time. No matter whether who you are, the lifestyle you lead and how much you make, the money tips we are giving you today are bound to help in ways big and small.

5 Often Overlooked Ways to be Smart About Money While Travelling Abroad

Singaporeans are known to travel a lot and outspend their regional counterparts on their holidays. However, there are ways to have a value-for-money trip that will only give you happy memories and not nightmares. We have some hacks that you should try on your next vacation.

What Would a Cashless Singapore Look Like?

From bargain-trading to mobile payments, money has evolved beyond what Adam Smith or John Keynes could have predicted. We no longer need bulging wallets to purchase anything. So what does going cashless ensue? We take a look at this in the Singaporean context.

10 Truly Brilliant, Truly Helpful Books to Help You Become Wealthier and Wiser

There are hundreds of titles telling you how to manage your money, but not all advice are created equal. What you really need are firm foundational knowledge and easy-to-do how-tos. Here’s the ultimate IT list of personal finance books you must read and have on your shelves.

Is Your Retirement Nest Egg Really Enough?

We all want our golden years to be truly golden. Whether it’s going on that dream luxury cruise or having enough to cover medical needs, it always helps to ask if we are saving enough for retirement. Here are helpful ways to find out.

Top 5 Credit Cards With No Annual Fees

Shelly got her first credit card when she got her first job at the age of 23. She did not put much thought into choosing the card and picked a card with great freebies and perks which her bank assured her would help her save a lot as she spent. Getting a credit card was… Read More »