5 Career Websites You Should Reference To Make Smarter Career Choices

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Career websites

A good career is often quintessential in helping to shape your development and thinking as an adult. The absence of a good career will lead to the loss of hunger for growth and learning, both in life and at work. But seeking a good career involves making a lot of right decisions along the way. This can be challenging, especially for those without much work experience. Luckily for us, there are good resources on the internet to help you plan out the next moves in your career. Here are five career websites that you should definitely check out if you want to make smarter career choices.

1. 80000hours.org

Career websites

Every human spends around 80,000 hours in their working life. This means that the choice of your career is one of the biggest decision you will ever make, for better or for worse. But the founders of 80,000hours.org couldn’t find any good advice when figuring out what to do with their own careers. Existing career advice fail to show young working adults how to have a social impact, or isn’t based on much research. To help others find meaningful careers they want, 80000hours.org was founded.

Right now, 80000hours.org is funded by individual donors who see a cause in impacting the lives of others. It is run independently as a non-profit community to help everyone in the world have a big social impact in their career. 80000hours.org provides online career guide and supporting articles and tools to help you make smarter career choices. It also links a global community of people who want to work together to have the greatest possible positive impact.

Website: http://80000hours.org/

2. The Muse

Career sites

If you are finding the right website to get advice for career choices, then The Muse is a must-read for you. The Muse started out on a mission to make the world of work more fulfilling because life is just too short to be hating your career. From career advice to job search to career coaching, The Muse is a one-stop website where you can get an end-to-end career guidance. You can also get written coaching service to perfect your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter writing. The only downside of The Muse is that the coaching services comes at a small cost.

Website: https://www.themuse.com/

3. Live Career

Career sites

Live Career focuses a lot on the pre-job must-dos from resume building to cover letter writing to acing interviews. It provides an online resume builder that allows you to build best-in-class resumes using industry-acknowledged resume templates. To differentiate yourself from the rest of the competitors, a cover letter is a good-to-have. You can find the right template and writing style for the cover letter for your ideal job.

Once you have gotten a nod from the company’s HR, the next step is to prepare for the interview. From dissecting interview questions, helping you build impressive answers and imparting crucial interview tips, Live Career prepares you to face tough face-to-face interview challenges that any company can throw at you.

Website: https://www.livecareer.com/

4. Career Shifters

Career sites

Suffering from a mid-career crisis but don’t want to regret not switching careers when you still had the chance? Then you got to stand up for your own happiness and change your career before you regret on your deathbed. Career Shifter is one website that aims to help you find work that makes you proud of and keeps you excited for work every morning.

Don’t be fooled by its simplistic design. You can find career change discussion on Career Shifters like identifying your ideal career, making the career switch, overcoming fear and obstacles and getting support for your switch. The website features write-ups on questions that career switchers want to ask, like “Am I Crazy To Be Thinking About A Shift?”. You can also find inspiring stories of those who have been there and aced their career switch.

Website: https://www.careershifters.org/start-here

5. MySkillsFuture


MySkillsFuture is a career website curated by the SkillsFuture committee to provide a one-stop portal for all your career needs. You can start your career by making self-discoveries using the free self-assessment tools that MySkillsFuture provides. The self-assessment tools are meant to enable you to make informed and educated choices for your career. Career, personal development and education articles are also curated to the MySkillsFuture portal to answer all the question marks in your mind. MySkillsFuture even links with the training exchange of Skillsfuture courses so that you can take action to improve your skills for your desired career.

Website: https://www.myskillsfuture.sg/content/student/en/primary.html

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