Best Shopping Credit Cards in Singapore 2018

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Best shopping credit cards in Singapore 2018

Not all of us find online shopping satisfying. Many of us still prefer it old-school where you walk into a store, feel the fabric, try it on, and then decide to make the purchase. If you fall into the latter category, then you’ve come to the right place. We are shortlisting credit cards that specifically honour purchases made at retail establishments with reward points, rebates, and added perks – guaranteed retail satisfaction!

Credit cards for those who want to “feel” the shopping experience

Citi Rewards Card

Citi Rewards CardCiti Rewards Card
Card Type: Rewards
Annual Fee: S$192.60 (1-year waiver)
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Rewards :

  • 10X Rewards for every S$1 spent on clothes, bags, and shoes online as well as at department stores worldwide
  • Up to 10% Citi Rebate at over 300 participating merchants
  • Up to S$1 million complimentary travel insurance
  • Rewards points are valid for 5 years

If you love shopping and travel, then with the Citi Rewards Card you don’t have to compromise. Shop with this card and convert your rewards to air miles and jet-off to your favourite destinations. Flaunting your new clothes on a holiday (just like the ‘influencers’) is merely the icing on the cake after the free air ticket it got you!

Shopping benefits on this card:

  • Earn accelerated 20X Rewards at participating merchants from time to time
  • Earn 10X Rewards per S$1 spent on shopping for clothes, shoes and bags
  • You can shop at retail stores and department stores (including online department stores like Lazada) to earn reward points
  • Both local and overseas shopping are eligible to earn reward points

What you may have missed:

  • 10X points are capped at 120,000 Rewards points per year and will be limited to 10,000 per month starting 4th Oct.
  • 10 points are equivalent to 4 miles
  • Your Rewards points are valid for 5 years

Want to know more? Read our review of the Citi Rewards Card.

OCBC Titanium Rewards Card

OCBC Titanium Rewards CardOCBC Titanium Rewards Card
Card Type: Rewards
Annual Fee: S$192.60 (2-year fee waiver)
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  • 10x OCBC$ on online shopping and at department stores locally and overseas
  • Up to USD200 e-Commerce Protection each year
  • Exclusive Lounge Key access to over 800 airport lounges at USD 27

If you’re an early adopter of everything from fashion to gadgets to cosmetics, then the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card will fit you like a glove!

Shopping benefits – You will earn 10X OCBC$ on the following:

  • Shopping for clothes, shoes, or bags
  • Department store spends
  • Electronics and gadgets
  • Babies/children’s wear purchases
  • Both local and overseas shopping will be eligible to earn OCBC$

What you may have missed:

  • 10X OCBC$ per S$1 spent on select categories will be awarded to up a cap of 120,000 OCBC$ per card per anniversary year. After that, you will only earn 1X OCBC$ per dollar.
  • Your OCBC$ are valid for 2 years.

Wondering if this card is for you? Read our detailed review of the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card here.

UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card

For all you ladies out there, here’s a shopping card that rewards you each time you use your credit card. Guys, sorry, but you can’t apply for this one!

Here are the shopping benefits you get with the UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card:

  • 10X UNI$ per S$5 that you spend on luxury shopping transactions, overseas and online shopping in foreign currencies, department store transactions and taxi transactions. 1X UNI$ for everything else.
  • Convert all of your big-ticket purchases (S$5,000 and above) into 0% interest instalment plans for 6 or 12-month tenures with the Lady’s LuxePay Plan.
  • Redeem your points for exciting retail and lifestyle vouchers.

What you may have missed:

  • You won’t earn points that you convert to instalments.
  • UNI$ are valid for 2 years.
  • The minimum spend to earn the bonus 9x UNI$ is S$3,000 per statement cycle and you earn bonus points up to a maximum spend of S$5,000 per statement cycle. That is equivalent to a cap of UNI$9,000 each statement cycle.
  • Minimum annual income for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents is S$120,000.

OCBC Robinsons Group Credit Card

OCBC Robinsons Group Credit CardOCBC Robinsons Group Credit Card
Card Type: Cash rebate
Annual Fee: S$192.60 (1-year fee waiver)
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  • 5% rebate at over 80 stores and on 18 retail brands
  • Earn 3 Robs$ for every S$2 spent overseas and 1 Robs$ for local spends excluding the 18 participating brands
  • 1-hour free parking every weekend at The Heeren, Jem, and Raffles City

Gone are the days when department stores were only for your mom and dad. Department stores like Robinsons have so much to offer millennials. From home & decor, 1,000 thread-count bedsheets, Melissa shoes to cosmetics, there’s lots to buy from Robinsons. Better still when you have the OCBC Robinsons Group Credit Card.

Shopping benefits on this card:

  • Get 5% rebate at 18 retail brands that include Robinsons, Marks & Spencer, Bebe, Zara and more.
  • Get 10% rebate on spends above S$5,000 at Marks & Spencer and Robinsons.
  • The rebates on this card are applicable over and above any existing promotions and discounts.
  • There is no cap on rebates.
  • Earn 1 Robs$ for every S$2 you spend outside the select 18 brands in Singapore.
  • Get 3 Robs$ for every S$2 you spend overseas outside of the 18 participating brands.
  • Get a 25% Robinsons bonus discount letter when you spend a minimum of S$500 either at Robinsons or Marks & Spencer (or both).
  • Offset your shopping bills from Robinsons and Marks & Spencer with the Robs$ you accumulate.

Additional benefits of this card:

  • Free parking for one hour on weekends at The Heeren, Jem, and Raffles City if you spend at least S$50 at participating Marks & Spencer or Robinsons stores (valid only for the first 100 customers per day).
  • Members-only access to promotions, invitations to private sales and other events.
  • Rebates will be credited to your account immediately.
  • Annual fee waiver upon spending at least S$5,000 per year.

What you may have missed:

  • All Robs$ earned will expire after 2 years.
  • The conversion rate from Robs$ to S$ is poor with 200 Robs$ = S$1. So, it doesn’t quite come in handy to use it to offset shopping bill payments. It is better to not use this card for purchases outside the 18 retail merchants because of this.

Going on a shopping spree? Check out our review of the OCBC Robinsons Card here.

DBS Takashimaya Credit Card

Best cards for shopping 2018

Takashimaya is hugeeee. And there are a lot of retail brands that don’t exist in other department stores. If this is where you enjoy shopping, then you may want to consider the DBS Takashimaya American Express or Visa Card. Shopping at Takashimaya will earn you points which can be redeemed for gift vouchers.

Shopping benefits on this card:

  • Earn 6% voucher rebates in the form of 2 Takashimaya Bonus Points per S$10 spent (S$1 = 0.2 points). This voucher rebate is for Takashimaya American Express Card holders.
  • DBS Takashimaya Visa Card holders earn 5% vouchers in the form of 2 Bonus Points per S$12 charged (S$1 = 0.166 points)
  • Eligible purchases include designer handbags, toys, cosmetics, golf accessories, and more.
  • Get an additional 10% discount during sales.

Additional benefits of this card:

  • Parking privileges when you spend at least S$250.
  • Complimentary delivery of your purchases if you meet the minimum spend requirement of S$200 on
  • Takashimaya 10% Promotion Day and S$100 on other days.
  • Additional 5% discount at Takashimaya Japan.

A crucial aspect not to be missed when talking about shopping credit cards

One aspect that is common to all shopping credit cards is how they categorise which outlets and stores come under eligible spends. In some cases like the UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card, the eligible spend is defined by a specific brand or store name like Gucci or Isetan. When the eligible spend is defined more broadly as retail shops that sell clothes, shoes or bags, banks use a 4-digit MCC or Merchant Category Code that are assigned by payment card organisations such as Visa or Mastercard.

Therefore, not all shopping for clothes and shoes will be classified as an eligible purchase. Only purchases made from stores that your payment network deems to be under certain eligible MCCs will be eligible to earn the said rewards, rebate, and so on. If in doubt, it’s best to call up the bank to ask.

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