Best Credit Cards for Online Shopping

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Online shopping keeps getting more fun as the years go by. The variety of things we can buy online keeps increasing, and the offers get bigger and bigger. Whether you’re shopping for apparel, home appliances, kitchen accessories, gadgets or groceries, it makes sense to check for the item online to see if you can get a better price from sites like Lazada, Qoo10 or Zalora.

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Since you’re reading this article, you no doubt want to find out what are our picks for the best credit cards for online shopping so that you get rewarded for your spends. Let’s get into it.

Don’t leave money on the table. Here are the best credit cards for online shopping in Singapore:

OCBC Titanium Rewards Card

Why is it on our list?

With the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card, you will earn 10X OCBC$ per S$1 you spend when shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, electronics and gadgets and kid’s wear online, and offline. Department stores count as well, and online department stores like Lazada and Amazon will also earn you 10X points.

Have you ever had to make tedious phone calls to the customer service when you didn’t receive your product or that it product is damaged when it arrived? In same instances, you can’t get your money back, but luckily the OCBC Titanium Rewards card comes with an E-Commerce Protection feature to help you get back some money.

Tip: Use this card to purchase personal care products by 31 December 2018 and earn 10X OCBC$ per S$1 spent.

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Standard Chartered Spree Card

Spree Credit Card

Why is it on our list?

The Spree Credit Card has 4 things going for it:

  • 3% cashback on online spends made in foreign currencies and vPost spends.
  • 2% cashback on all online spends in local currency online transactions, including mobile and contactless payments.
  • 1% cashback on everything else.
  • If you buy a product online and find the same product at a lower price on any other website, you will be reimbursed up to S$250 per product! This Online Price Guarantee covers you up to S$1,000 (valid until 31 October 2018).

The cashback percentage isn’t the best in the market, but here’s why it’s worth considering – there’s no minimum spend!

Why else is it on our list?

Not just meant for shopping, this card can help you cut costs on shipping charges as well:

  • vPost – Get a discount of 20% on your shipping charges on vPost. Use promo code, “SCB20B” (valid until 31 October 2018).
  • Singapore Post – Get 10% discount on Speedpost Priority Service package. Make sure you read the fine print carefully since some of these offers are valid until 31 October 2018.

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Citi Rewards Card

Why is it on our list?

You will earn 10X Rewards points per S$1 spent on clothes, shoes and bags on shopping websites. The Citi Rewards Card gives you a generous 5 years to accumulate your points and go for the big paycheck! Your reward points will be valid on both, local and overseas purchases. You can also use this card to earn points at departmental stores.

Why else is it on our list?

To be honest, this card goes neck and neck with the OCBC Titanium Rewards. Both offer 10X reward points per $1 spent. However, what we love about the Citi Rewards Card are its frequent partner promotions.

There have been attractive promotions with retailers such as IN GOOD COMPANY as well as additional 20X rewards promotions when you pay with a Citi Rewards Card. So this is definitely a card we want in our wallet!

Tip: Don’t use this card to order meals, book movie tickets or travel arrangements as the 10X Rewards points will not be applicable on such online purchases. Without promotions, these transactions will only earn you 1 Reward point on the dollar.

Standard Chartered Rewards+ Credit Card

June_Standard Chartered Rewards+ Credit Card Review_smaller@2x

Why is it on our list?

This card is Standard Chartered’s entry into the competitive world of rewards cards. And it looks like they have gone the OCBC Titanium Card and the Citi Rewards Card way. You get 10X Rewards Points for every S$1 that you spend on foreign currency spending.

So, not just spending overseas, but if you buy something from a website based out of Singapore and pay in a foreign currency, you get 10X points! Note that you cannot opt to pay in Singapore dollars, or you will not get your 10X Rewards Points.

Take note though, 10X rewards on the Rewards+ is only equivalent to 2.9 miles, instead of 4 miles.

As with most rewards cards, the Standard Chartered Rewards+ Credit Card also does not have any minimum spend requirements.

Why else is it on our list?

Well, as a Standard Chartered credit cardholder, you get access to The Good Life Privileges. As a result, you get great offers from retailers such as Shopee, ZALORA, and ASOS among others.

Tip: This card is best used for online spending in foreign currencies. Apart from overseas and local dining spends, don’t use this card for other transactions since you earn only 1X point for every S$1 on all other eligible purchases.

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Here’s how each of our top credit card picks for online shopping can reward you:

Category OCBC Titanium Rewards Card Standard Chartered Spree Card Citi Rewards Card Standard Chartered Rewards+ Credit Card
Online spending category Clothes, shoes, bags, kid’s wear, electronics, and gadgets All online spends Clothes, shoes, and bags – offline as well as online Retail spends made in foreign currencies
What you earn Rewards points: 10X OCBC$ per S$1 Up to 3% cashback Rewards points: 10X Rewards points per S$1 Rewards points: 10X Rewards points per S$1
Yearly earning potential (cap) 120,000 OCBC$ S$720 cashback 120,000 Citi Dollars 20,000 Rewards Points (on bonus points)
Minimum spend requirement No minimum spend No minimum spend No minimum spend No minimum spend
Annual fee S$192.60 (2-year fee waiver) S$192.60 (2-year fee waiver) S$192.60 (1-year fee waiver) S$192.60 (2-year fee waiver)

Honorary Mentions

So go ahead, shop, travel, eat, and live, all under one shopping credit card! Life doesn’t get more rewarding than this, literally speaking!


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