Best Credit Cards to Pay Your Recurring Bills 2019

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Best Credit Cards for Paying Your Recurring Bills

There are some things we can’t escape in our lives; it could be as small as remembering to pay your bills on time or as big as meeting the in-laws.

Well, we can help with one of them. (You can’t get out of meeting your in-laws).

If keeping track of all your bills gets overwhelming each month, you should consider getting a credit card that not only helps consolidate all of your bills but also offers perks when you use your card to pay these bills each month. Moreover, using these cards will definitely help you save a couple of dollars each month.

Here are the best credit cards to use to pay your recurring bills in Singapore in 2019:

1. UOB Delight Credit Card

A credit card from the UOB family, the UOB Delight Credit Card offers up to 3% SMART$ rebate when you pay your recurring bills with this card. It covers a host of recurring bills including:

  • Telecommunications bills
  • United Overseas Insurance bills
  • Prudential Insurance bills
  • SPH newspaper bills
  • Town council payments

You need to spend a minimum spend of S$400 (on qualifying spends) per month to be eligible for the 3% SMART$ rebate on recurring bill payments.

You can redeem your SMART$ at more than 400 participating merchant outlets in Singapore to offset future purchases.

2. OCBC 365 Credit Card

A card that gives in so many ways – the OCBC 365 Credit Card offers you cashback spread across multiple categories. You will earn 3% cashback if you pay your recurring telecommunication bills at M1, StarHub, MyRepublic, Singtel, and CirclesLife using this OCBC card.

It isn’t just recurring telco bills that earn you the cashback though. You also earn 3% cashback when you use this card to pay your recurring electricity bills. These include bills from Senoko Energy and Sembcorp Power. Make sure you set up a recurring bill payment service with your retailer to take advantage of this cashback. Check here to see if your electricity retailer is a recognised service provider.

In order to enjoy this cashback though, you need to charge a minimum of S$800 (eligible transactions) to your card each month. The total cashback you can earn on all spends (including recurring bill spends) s S$80 per month.

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3. Citibank SMRT Card

The Citibank SMRT Card offers SMRT$ rebates across different recurring bill payments every month of the year. This one Citi credit card can take care of all your recurring transactions and payments. All you need to do is sign up for Citibank’s One Bill service.

This service consolidates all your recurring bills into one card statement, making it easy for you to keep track of your bills. Here’s what you earn when you use the Citibank SMRT Card to make recurring bill payments:

You get 1% SMRT$ on the following:

  • Recurring telecommunication spends at M1, Sintel, and StarHub.
  • Recurring town council payments and conservatory fees.
  • SPH subscriptions and contributions made to Community Chest.
  • Chubb and Prudential insurance premium payments.

How to earn more SMRT$? If you make these payments online on the merchants’ websites, you will end up earning 3% SMRT$ rebate since the transaction will be regarded as an online transaction.

Keep in mind: You need to spend a minimum of S$300 to earn the maximum SMRT$ rebate. If you do not meet this spend requirement, you will end up earning 0.3% less SMRT$ rebate on all recurring payments.

Thinking of getting this card? Be smart about the Citibank SMRT Card and read our review first.

4. Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card

Who wouldn’t like unlimited cashback, right? And that is exactly what you get with the Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card. You get 1.5% cashback on all eligible spends. This includes recurring bill payments. And not only is there no cap to the cashback you can earn, there is also no minimum spend. So, you are guaranteed cashback on all recurring bills. No matter how big or small the amount.

Along with earning while you pay your bills, you also get to enjoy exclusive perks such as discounts at Banyan Tree Hotel and Resorts as well as hotel booking on and, courtesy of Mastercard.

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5. POSB Everyday Card

If you’re looking for a credit card for everyday use, what better card to use than one that already has the word “everyday” in it, right? The POSB Everyday Card offers cash rebate on a multitude of everyday essentials including paying your utility and telecommunications bills.

  • You will earn 1% cash rebate on paying your recurring utility bills with SP Group.
  • Get 1% cash rebate when you pay your electricity bills with Best Electricity, Geneco, Ohm Energy, iSwitch, SP Group, Union Power, and Tuas Power.
  • You will also earn 1% cash rebate when you pay your recurring broadband, mobile, and digital bills from StarHub. In-store purchases from Starhub also qualify for 1% cash rebate.

Keep in mind: For cardholders to be eligible for the cash rebate on recurring bills, the bill should be in the name of the principal or supplementary cardholder.

What you should know: You will earn cash rebates only on recurring bill payments up to S$100. After that, you will not earn further cash rebates on recurring bill payments.

Let’s compare these cards

Here’s an at-a-glance view of what each credit card offers in comparison to one another when you pay your recurring bills:

Credit Card Recurring bill cashback/rebate Minimum spend requirement Cashback/rebate cap
UOB Delight Card Up to 3% SMART$ rebate S$400 50 SMART$ per month
OCBC 365 Card 3% cashback S$800 S$80 per month
Citibank SMRT Card Up to 3% SMRT$ rebate S$300 600 SMRT$ per year
Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card 1.5% cashback Nil Nil
POSB Everyday Card 1% cash rebate Nil S$1 per month

There, you have it. If you own one of these cards, don’t forget to pay your next month’s bills using it to maximise your rewards.

Looking for the best of everything? Here are a few of them:


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