Best Countries Around the World for Women to Work In

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In the spirit of the upcoming International Women’s Day, if you could choose to be working in any country around the world other than Singapore, which one would it be? Here is a look at 6 countries that consistently figure in lists of best countries for women to work in; go ahead – make a choice!

1. Finland

Year after year, this Nordic country has figured in lists that laud the way it treats the fairer sex. Consider this – Finland has the highest percentage of women in higher education as well as in the labour force. A whopping 83% of women work full-time – that includes mums – so you can imagine the effort that must have gone into making up the country’s public childcare and free school meals systems along with other women-centric policies. Yay, Finland!

2. Norway

Neighbouring Scandinavian competitor Norway, more often than not, leads these lists. What choice do list makers have, when nearly 40% of Norway’s parliament is female and about 31% of senior managerial positions across the country are occupied by the ladies. Now that’s really impressive! But what completely knocked our socks off is the fact that the law of the land insists that women should make up at least 40% of all public limited company board members.

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3. Poland

Poland would be the best choice around the world to be in – if you are a professional and yet to have kids. You will be given a generous 22 weeks off work – fully paid – in terms of maternity leave. This figure easily pushes Poland towards the top of the maternity leave list. Not a bad place to start a family in, we reckon.

4. Sweden

Sweden takes the cake when it comes to the highest proportion of women as members of parliament – nearly 44% as opposed to Norway’s 40%. That is a healthy sign for working women – huge chance to make yourself heard. Another figure that stands out is net childcare costs – in Sweden, a woman spends less than 6% of her average salary on childcare, as compared to the United States, where the percentage is a hefty 35%. Sweden all the way!

5. Hungary

Hungary deserves a mention as well – after all, it scores really high in one of the most important factors that decide which countries are conducive for working women. We are talking about the share of GMAT candidates, and in Hungary, an impressive 43% of GMAT exams taken are by women. So there! If you need more convincing, here is another stat – women also make up nearly 41% of all senior managerial positions in the country. Hungary, anyone?

6. New Zealand

Dipping into the Southern Hemisphere, there’s New Zealand that’s rocking the gender boat with some impressive statistics. Take, for example, figures that put it at the top of the lowest gender wage gap list – a mere 5.6%. It also has another number going for it – a healthy 40% of women make up its senior and managerial positions. This far-away land sure knows how to treat the ladies!


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