Best Cashback Sites in Singapore to Make Money Back

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If you are shopping online and not through a cashback site, you’re just leaving money on the table. Singapore has been shopping electronically for a very long time now, so it is only natural that the next step in online shopping – cashback websites – should be ingrained in our shopping habits. Cashback websites are another way to save money; and money saved is money earned! Take a look at some of the popular cashback sites in Singapore.

Let’s get shopping and use these cashback sites in Singapore to make money back!

  1. ShopBack

Probably the most popular among the cashback sites in Singapore, ShopBack brings you the latest coupons and offers from over 300 merchants. And these discounts aren’t just applicable to clothing and accessories, but to car rentals and industrial equipment as well. ShopBack has tie-ups with more Singapore relevant merchants than other cashback sites.

You can get your cashback on their website, by making purchases through their app or by using the ShopBack Cashback Buddy Browser. The cashback limit per 24-hour period is S$300. So, if you shop up to this limit every day for the next one month, you can earn up to S$9,000 as cashback each month!

But if we are being realistic, not all of us will shop every single day to reach that cashback cap. Don’t let that bring you down though, because frequent users of ShopBack have been able to save around S$1,500 on their purchases.

The downside

  • You don’t get any cashback for purchases made on Amazon’s Singapore site, but there are coupon codes available for Amazon Japan.
  • The tiers of cashback differ for new users and existing users.

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2. Getex

Getex is another cashback site that we recommend. What sets it apart from other cashback sites, is that not only does it provide you with a magical combination of numbers and letters in the form of coupon codes, but it also allows you to compare prices for various products.

Let’s say that you are looking to buy a red t-shirt. On Getex, you can compare prices from Reebonz, Zalora, and more in real time. This way you always get the best deal!

Unlike ShopBack, there isn’t any cap on the cashback amount that you can earn each day. So, the more you shop, the more you get!

The downside

  • You can’t add items to your shopping cart and then go through Getex to the particular site. You will have to ensure that your shopping cart is empty so you can earn your cashback amount.
  • If you hate pop-up ads and installed an ad-blocker to never have to deal with them again, well you will have to disable it so Getex and the merchant can track your shopping to see if you are eligible for cashback.
  • The cashback amount is only on the price of the product and not on additional charges like shipping, gift wrapping, and taxes.

3. Ebates

Touted as the pioneer of the online cashback program, Ebates offers cashback from merchants largely based in the United States. What is great about Ebates though, is the fact that you get cashback even on in-store purchases! All you need to do is get onto Ebates, find an in-store offer you like and link that to a registered debit or credit card. Once that is done, all you need to do is use that card to shop! It’s that simple!

Ebates also runs a program known as the Daily Double. Each day, a store is picked and you can earn double the usual amount of cashback for a 24-hour period. So, if Asos is the selected store for the day, and the usual cashback you get is 3% of the purchase amount, on Daily Double you can get 6% as cashback!

The downside

  • You will only earn 1% cashback on travel purchases unless it is made through Ebates Hotels.
  • Most of their partner merchants are based in the United States, so it may be hard to find deals for Singapore-based merchants.
  • Unlike other cashback sites that credit the money to your account, the cashback you earn via Ebates is paid to you either in the form of a cheque or via PayPal.

4. ZoBucks

Zobucks may have entered the Singapore market later than the other cashback sites mentioned here, but they did it with a bang!

At the get-go, ZoBucks has partnered with over 250 retailers across multiple industries and multiple categories within those industries. Additionally, ZoBucks also helps you save more by showcasing the different discounts that each retailer may be offering on the same product. You can also get voucher codes that will help you further reduce the amount you pay!

You are also given the option to donate your cashback to a charity of your choice. And the best part? ZoBucks’ referral program is probably the best since you earn 10% of your friend’s cashback for as long as they shop on the site!

The downside

  • You need a minimum of S$10 as confirmed cashback in your ZoBucks Account before you can transfer the amount to your bank account.

5. MilkADeal

MilkADeal is a website that has grown over the years from a small start-up to an international cashback site with a number of partners.

What MilkADeal has understood is the importance of word of mouth when it comes to shopping and saving. Which is why you don’t just earn cashback when you shop, but every time you bring in a new user you earn 5% when they shop!

The downside

  • Read the fine print before you shop since some sites will exclude shipping charges, taxes, and GST before they calculate the cashback you have earned. So, you may end up getting less than you had originally thought.
  • You can transfer the cashback that you earn from your MilkADeal account to your bank account only once the confirmed cashback amount is S$10.

6. MyCashBack

MyCashBack is a fuss-free cashback site. All you need to do to obtain your cashback is provide your email ID and make sure that you shop via their site so that your cashback is ensured. You may think navigating the site is complicated, but in fact, it is easier than most other cashback sites. On MyCashBack you can look for deals via categories, via a store of your choice, and even via particular websites.

This way, if you know what you are looking for and which site you want to buy it from, all you need to do is get clicking and shopping!

The downside

  • Not all of the discounts are applicable to Singapore. So, you may have gone through all the offers available and zero in on one offer to only find out that the particular website doesn’t service Singapore or the cashback isn’t valid for your order.
  • Cashback for hotel stays will not be provided if you check in late or check out early, as the hotel will consider it as a no-show. Moreover, you don’t earn cashback on hostel or dormitory bookings.

7. RebateMango

So far, all of these sites have given you cashback. But here is where RebateMango is different. They offer cashback, of course. But they make shopping more pleasurable by allowing you to choose your reward! That’s right. You can choose to get cashback, miles, loyalty points or even (wait for it) mangoes.

So they aren’t literally mangoes (but with the cashback earned, you can surely buy some), but they are points that you can accumulate to reach green or gold membership tiers. The higher the tier, the more cashback you can earn!

The downside

  • If you decide to accumulate mangoes (or points), you can’t keep them in your account for long since they expire in a year.
  • If you have cashback that is lying in your account and you haven’t used RebateMango in a year, then your account will be deemed inactive and all of your cashback will expire.

Using cashback sites added another step to your shopping, but it is still a great way to save money on your online shopping. Find a site that you like most, and stick to it. That’ll make it easier to accumulate enough money to cash out. 

Lastly, always remember to stack your savings when shopping online. Go through cashback sites, use additional promo codes, and get bonus cashback or miles through your credit card. Happy shopping!

Credit cards that we like to use for online shopping are:

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