Average Cost of Music Classes in Singapore

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Average Cost Of Music Classes In Singapore

According to a report by HSBC, Singapore is amongst the highest spenders in the world on children’s education. Singaporean parents spend on average almost S$100,000 a year, which includes school and university tuition fees, educational books, transport and accommodation from primary to university education. Among the 15 countries surveyed, Singapore parents spent almost double of the average spending on education.

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So why is it that Singaporean parents are spending so much more than other parents? One of the reason is that we send our children for enrichment classes outside of the school’s curriculum to give our children a good headstart in life. And as far as enrichment classes go, music classes are among the most popular.

If you’re thinking of sending your child for music lessons, read on to find out how much it will cost you.

Benefits of learning music

Psychological research has shown that music lessons are good for the brain in a number of ways. Musical training has shown to lead to improvements in a wide variety of different skills, including memory and spatial learning.

Language skills like verbal memory, literacy and verbal intelligence have also been shown to benefit from musical training. In addition, listening to music also reduces stress!

The benefits to learning music from young are big in a lot of ways. It is no wonder that parents want to send children to music lessons.

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How much does it cost to send your child for music lesson?

The cost of a music lesson is highly dependent on a few factors: type of music, the experience of the teacher, location of lesson and level of progress in examination.

Piano lessons

Image of a person playing a piano

For piano lessons, the average cost is between $120-$380 depending on the level of progress in the piano examinations. Piano teachers with a higher qualification (i.e. degree or diploma) and longer teaching experience will also command a premium. If the lessons are conducted at your own home, it would usually cost more to compensate for the teacher’s transport cost.

Piano Grade Duration Monthly Fees (4 Lessons) Exam Fees (Practical) Exam Fees (Theory)
Beginners 45 mins $140 $190 $108
One 45 mins $150 $235 $113
Two 45 mins $160 $255 $123
Three 45 mins $170 $275 $143
Four 45 mins $180 $285 $158
Five 1 hour $210 $365 $178
Six 1 hour $230 $415 $188
Seven 1 hour $260 $490 $200
Eight 1 hour $280 NA NA


Assuming that it takes an average of eight years to achieve grade eight, the average cost of piano lessons over the eight years will be $29,041, including the exam fees.

Violin lessons

Image of a woman playing violin

Another common musical instrument that parents would opt for is violin. Similar to piano lessons, it is also highly dependent on the teacher’s credentials, your child’s learning level and where the lesson is held.

Violin Grade Duration Monthly Fees (4 Lessons)
One 45 mins $270
Two 45 mins $300
Three 45 mins $300
Four 45 mins $300
Five 45 mins $300
Six 45 mins $330
Seven 45 mins $330
Eight 45 mins $330


But compared to piano lessons, violin lessons are slightly more expensive. Assuming that it takes an average of eight years to achieve grade eight, the average cost of piano lessons over the eight years will be $29,520, not including the exam fees.

Drum lessons

Since piano and violin lessons are now so popular, some of you might prefer to send their children for more exotic musical instruments. Drum lesson is one of the exotic music lessons that parents can send their children to. The cost of learning drumming is relatively cheaper than learning piano or violin.

My Drum School Fee Structure

Source: My Drum School

The average cost of learning drum lessons from junior level 1 to advanced level III is $16,440 on weekdays, assuming that it takes a year to progress from one level to the next. The cost is slightly higher if the lessons are taken on weeknights or weekends.


Children learning guitar

Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you want to let your children experience what it is like to learn a musical instrument but do not wish to spend so much money, guitar might be your preferred choice. As guitar learners generally do not put as much emphasis on passing the exams, children will be able to enjoy and appreciate the learning process much better.

Based on Yamaha’s latest course prices, monthly lesson fees of 4x 30 minutes lessons is $112.35 per month for individual lessons. For group lessons, the monthly lesson fee is slightly lower with a longer lesson time, i.e. 4x 60 minutes lessons at $85.60 per month.

If you’re going to spend on music lessons, make sure you get cashback or points from it when possible

We’re pretty sure these lesson fees aren’t going to discourage you from doing your best to let your children learn music. So at the very least, use an all-category cashback card like the HSBC Advance Card to get at least 1.5% cashback on the music lesson fees.

Parents, do you have any tips to save on the cost of music lessons? Do share them with us on Facebook!

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