Here’s How to Strike a Balance Between Your Day Job and Your Side Job

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Nowadays, having just one source of income may not be enough, with the numerous expenses you have to pay for and the big ticket items you may want to buy.

If you find yourself constantly stretching your salary until you hardly have enough at the end of the month, or you’ve set your sights on reaching a goal like paying for the downpayment of a car yet don’t have the means to do so, one solution you could consider is to do a part-time job. This would help augment your income, pay the bills and contribute to purchasing that dream car. And with so many online jobs available nowadays, there’s no lack of virtual work that you could do. But how do you balance your full-time work and your part-time job?

How to Strike a Balance Between Your Day Job and Your Side Job

1. Sacrifice and Prioritise

To work part-time, the most important thing you need to set aside is time. You need to allocate a certain number of hours a week dedicated to your side job. This means you need to cut something else from your list of activities, whether that’s watching TV, surfing the net, working out at the gym, shopping or going out for dinner.

Though it may seem difficult to do in the beginning, it’s not impossible to do. Commit a certain number of hours on any given day throughout the week, or set aside one hour a day for your part-time gig.

Also, determine when is the best time that you work. Do you work best in the morning or late at night? Working during your peak hours will help you keep motivated and will help you deal with the dreaded procrastination.

These sacrifices will be well worth it once you see your earnings coming in from your side hustle. And learn to say no, whether to social commitments or other engagements, in order to set aside time.

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2. Have Goals

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It may be a huge chore to work part-time when you want to spend the extra time you have to relax and enjoy yourself.

But always keep in mind the reason why you’re doing your gig and use this reason to motivate yourself. Do you need the extra money to pay for multiple bills? Are you saving to go on that European holiday you’ve always longed to go to? Having these goals in mind will keep you motivated to work.

And if you work multiple side jobs, that also means you would have several income streams. Once you hit one of your goals, and say, you’re able to pay for the downpayment of a car, you can then afford to quit one of your side jobs and relax a bit.

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3. Make Use of Your Mobile Device

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Do you find yourself stuck in long commutes or in meetings in your full-time job where you don’t have to play an active role? Having a mobile device in hand would come in handy during these times.

You can use your phone during your downtime to check and reply to emails for your part-time job, or do whatever work you need to do. This will keep you more productive, without having to allocate more time.

4. Get Organised

Working multiple jobs may sound like a hugely complicated, incredibly exhausting thing to do. Which is why it’s important to get organised.

You could decide to set up a small office at home dedicated to your side job, a place where you could keep track of all your files and other paperwork. Or keep a calendar with both your full and part-time job deadlines in it, so you don’t lose track of both.

A home office is a good idea so that you have an actual space at home where you don’t spend time lounging around or watching Netflix. This means you associate that space with work and become disciplined to use it that way.

5. Automate and Outsource

If there are tasks in your side job which you are not inclined to do, a simple solution would be to outsource them to someone you can trust.

Alternatively, you can go to online sites such as fivver which provides various reputable freelance services from graphics and design, programming and tech, writing and translation, video and animation, to digital marketing.

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Just make sure to calculate that whatever you earn from your side hustle would be enough to cover the amount you pay for outsourcing, while you still get to earn for yourself.

You could even outsource household tasks. Instead of cooking, for instance, save time by ordering meals from food delivery services such as Food Panda, Grain, amgd, and Ronnie Kitchen.

So instead of going grocery shopping for food, chopping, slicing, dicing ingredients and cooking meals, you can spend that valuable time to work on your part-time gig.

6. And Lastly, Set Time Aside for Yourself

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Working multiple jobs means you can quickly burn out and become exhausted. So, after you prioritise your tasks for the week, say no to non-essential commitments, maximise your downtime by utilising your mobile device or phone, and outsource activities, you should then set aside one whole day a week for you to recharge.

Completely unplug from both your full-time work and your side hustle. Don’t think of work at all during this day off. Use this day to rest and recharge mentally, physically and emotionally.

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Keeping yourself physically fit is also important for your mental health, and exercise can help your mind focus on many different tasks. Spend your off-day working out, or if you can’t commit to an exercise routine, do things that you can factor into your daily life. Use the stairs instead of the lift, park your car far away from your destination so you can walk farther.

Eat well and get enough sleep. When you work multiple jobs, you need your body to be in good shape in order for your mind to keep up with the multiple tasks in front of you.

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