8 Things You Must Spend on When You Are 30, Irrespective of the Cost

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Important things to spend on when you are 30

No, this isn’t the article that will encourage you to buy that classy Louis Vuitton bag you have been eyeing at the mall for the past few months. This is about spending on things that will pay dividends for years to come. If you are turning 30 soon or have just crossed that bridge, here are a few important things you might want to spend your money on considering the value they will add to your life in the long run.

Some things are worth spending extra on, no matter how frugal we’re trying to be

1. Book a personal trainer to meet those fitness goals finally

Hate going to the gym as you don’t see any major results from exercising? Maybe you aren’t doing it right. Most of us just try and hit the basic equipment at the gym and come back without considering what our bodies really need to achieve a certain weight-loss/gain target. This is where the role of a personal trainer comes in.

Yes, they are super expensive but they promise to give you all the motivation and guidance you need to achieve your goals. You will also follow your diet and exercise regime religiously since there will be someone you are answerable to.

2. Spend on cosmetics that nurture

Love experimenting with your skin and hair every now and then? Yes, that sounds like a lot of fun if you are in your early 20s. However, as you age, you need to realise that your hair and skin are ageing too.

Go slow on the use of chemicals and if you have to use them, make sure you invest in the right ones. So, go ahead and buy that expensive face cream you have been contemplating to buy for a really long time. But do your research on the ingredients too.

3. Say hello to healthy food and goodbye to bingeing

Yes, the food at hawker stalls is just what you need at the end of the day, but it is now time for a rethink. Instead of eating at food courts and hawker stalls every day, invest in organic produce and try easy recipes at home. Organic fruits and vegetables might seem to cost a bomb but you are at least sure you aren’t chomping away harmful pesticides under the pretext of ‘healthy’ fruits and vegetables.

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4. Make space for tailored clothes and comfortable shoes in your wardrobe

While you might be tempted to own a wardrobe oozing with clothes and pairs of shoes you cannot count without help, it is better you resist and invest your money where it really matters. Quality clothes, especially those that fit you really well, boost your confidence like nothing else does.

And the importance of owning a comfortable pair of shoes that you can easily spend your 9-hour work day in should never be undervalued. So, instead of collecting cheap clothes and shoes, invest in good quality ones only (even if it means that you will only own five pairs).

5. Make sure you get yourself insured

No, don’t start rolling your eyes already. Agreed that you are all hale and hearty and we hope you remain so, but life is uncertain. Singaporeans have way too many misconceptions regarding life insurance and many of them shy away from buying one due to the costs. However, the truth is that buying a health insurance is the best investment you will ever make, and the earlier you do it, it’s better (because the younger you are, the cheaper it is!). At the very least, start with an Integrated Shield Plan.

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6. Keep an eye on car maintenance

So you’re getting your first car, and it’s expensive. But installing quality tyres for your car isn’t splurging; rather, it’s spending your money sensibly. Keeping a regular check on your car will ensure you do not encounter any other sudden issue or worse, an accident. Make sure you check your car’s engine coolant, oil and filters regularly to ensure a smooth ride every time.

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7. Invest in medical checks

When you are in your 30s, investing in annual full-body check-ups is the smartest thing you can do. Never ignore any signs your body is trying to give you and end up in an unhealthy mess later. If your doctor recommends an expensive scan, blood work, MRI or anything similar, make sure you do not ignore it just because of the costs involved. Never skimp when it comes to your health.

Medical checkups don’t have to be expensive either. The Health Promotion Board have a Screen for Life programme that provides subsidies for many important health checks. Find out more here.

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8. Give that back a rest, buy a great mattress

Yes, you read that right. Other important things to spend on when you are 30 are mattresses. There is a very important reason why something as simple as a mattress made it to this list. Your mattress isn’t something you just crash on after coming home from work each day. It is what determines the shape of your spine will be in a few years down the road.

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A good-quality mattress isn’t just important for sound sleep; it also provides the much-needed rest to your backbone after a long day. A cheap mattress can really mess up with your back and cause a backache or more complications in the long run. So, invest in a good one.

Makes the 30s the golden decade to invest, enjoy and splurge!

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