8 Things That You MUST Get Custom-Made Once in Your Life

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Image of a man standing in front of the mirror, being measured for a suit

Shopping has its own joys. However, buying things made especially for you based on your preferences is euphoria. Custom-made items are perfect for many reasons – they are personalised, they fit well, are unique and always remain close to the heart as they have been made only for you. Shopping has its own joys.

However, buying things made especially for you based on your preferences is euphoria. Custom-made items are perfect for many reasons – they are personalised, they fit well, are unique and always remain close to the heart as they have been made only for you.

That’s why everyone deserves to get at least a few items which are made just according to their specifications. Read on to get some ideas on what all you can get custom made and experience a newfound joy.

1. Clothes

Image of a few spools of colourful thread

We have all been there. Love the dress but size 12 is too small and size 14 too big. The hunt for that perfectly fitting dress is always a struggle. Say goodbye to all those painful quests and alterations by getting clothes made especially for you.

For bespoke formal clothes, approach experienced tailor services such as Tailor Swift.Sg, Q Menswear or MySingapore Tailor. From selecting fabrics to cuts, you decide everything here.

These shops have an easy online process to order perfectly fitting clothes so you don’t need to travel to an actual tailor. If you want a unique print on your t-shirt or sweatshirt, log onto El Print or Butter Prints.

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2. Jewellery

If you have been waiting to come across that stunning ring made using rubies and uncut diamonds in a particular setting to treat yourself all along, it’s time you end the wait. Get customised jewellery which will not only fit in your budget but also be really close to your heart.

Various jewellers across Singapore such as On Cheong or Choo Yilin to make jewellery where designers work closely with you. This ensures you lay your hands on that immaculate piece of jewellery you have been wanting since eternity.

3. Shoes

Image of shoes on a rack

If you love shoes as much as Carrie Bradshaw does, you totally deserve a classic pair made especially for you. No more asking, “Excuse me, do you have this pair available in tan?” or starting a quest to find the pair that complements your new dress perfectly.

You can get your dream pair with your choice of leather, colour and style. The Design Studio for women and Diamond Walker or Custom Made for men are a few options from where you could order your custom-made shoes. If you want to get the perfect pair for your kids, head straight to be*U.

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4. Bags

Bags, which were once just an accessory, have now evolved to become a style statement. You might own many branded bags but nothing beats the charm of a bag created just for you. Plus, the thrill of owning the only piece in the world is amazing!

Approach Honest Crafters, Fabrix or AmeVi Designs to get the bag made as per your specifications. And why stop with just one? After all, there is nothing like too much bag love, is it?

5. Lingerie

Women know that bras are just not a piece of clothing. They are an integral part of her dressing, contribute majorly to her appearance and are her comfort and confidence boosters. An ill-fitting bra is any woman’s worst nightmare. That’s why you need a bra that is made especially for your body and style.

Ditch the ready-made billowing one for a custom-made bra which is perfect – support and appearance-wise. Head to Elling or Perk By Kate to get the ideal bra made just for you.

6. Travel accessories

If travelling is your passion, why not do it in style? Trade the boring, common travel accessories for trendy, custom-made ones. Passpotter Singapore and The Corner Shop are two of the many options you have.

They make some adorable passport covers, keychains and luggage tags based on your specifications. The best part? They are quite affordable and will not drill a dent in your pockets.

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7. Car

We all know how big a deal it is to own a car in Singapore. If you own one (congratulations!), why not alter it to make it stand apart from all the others. Apart from grabbing eyeballs (yay!), it will also feel closer to your heart as your car will be an extension of your personality.

The options to customise your car are many. From LED modifications to sticker wrappers, you can do a lot! Approach MCS Garage, SGC Autographics & Signs or 3M to give your car a complete makeover!

Also, find out more about car insurance policy options here.

8. Cufflinks and more

If you are known to be prim and proper in your office with the perfect formal attire and accessories, it’s time to up the ante a bit. How about using special one-of-a-kind cufflinks made just for you? Or a pen or money clip with your initials engraved on them?

These are classic and will come with some major attachment since they are ‘yours’. Log onto The Little Link or Gifts Less Ordinary to get a wide variety of cufflinks such as those which are hand-drawn, hand-written, 3D, photo-specific, among others.

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Oscar Wilde so rightly said, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” It’s time you follow that.


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