Here Are 8 Amazing Destinations to Use Our Powerful Passport

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Great news for globetrotters! Singapore is tied with Germany for the top spot as the country with the most powerful passport in the world. What does this mean? For starters, holders of the Singapore passport can travel to 122 countries without a visa and are welcomed in 37 countries with a visa-on-arrival! If you’ve been to Bangkok so many times that you can almost speak Thai, it’s time to plan your next trip to one of these 8 countries.

1. Kenya: For a brush with the bush

Take that power packed passport with you for a safari through the Kenyan bush. Kenya, with its ‘wild’ reputation, is famous for its Big Five sightings. With national parks dotting the country, it’s quite the wildlife bonanza in Kenya. There is Amboseli, OI Pejeta, Nairobi National Park, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Tsavo West and East National parks, Giraffe Centre, Lake Nakuru – the list goes on. Other than the Big Five safaris, there is biking, hiking, cultural experiences, water sports, and beaches to explore as well.

Best time to visit: If it is wildlife you are after, head to the Masai Mara between July and October. This is when the great wildebeest migration takes place, easily one of the greatest natural spectacles anywhere on earth.

No visa required for Singapore passport holders

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2. South Africa: For an insight into where it all began

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South Africa is known for its culture, diversity, wildlife, outdoors and the slices of history from different eras that it showcases. Right from the Cradle of Humankind, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the Apartheid Museum and Robben Island; it has museums that are dedicated to events that have shaped today’s world. You can get up close and personal with its wildlife at Kruger National Park, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, and a number of smaller reserves.

Best time to visit: South Africa is best visited between the hot and dry summer months of November and February while the cool winter months between May and September are perfect if big game viewing is on the agenda.

No visa required for Singapore passport holders

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3. Argentina: From the Andes to the Pampas, and a whole world in between

Tango your way into Argentina with the most powerful passport in the world. This country of extremes offers varied experiences from hiking trails in the Andes to expeditions around its vast grasslands. Your days will be full of art explorations, visits to exciting neighbourhoods, and dining on prime cuts while your nights can be spent sampling its wines and doing the tango on dance floors across Buenos Aires. So much action listed already and there is still the Iguazu Falls, Glaciar Perito Moreno, and Tierra Del Fuego to visit!

Best time to visit: Argentina is a year round destination. If your visit is limited to the capital city, then the best time to go is in cool July and August.

No visa required for Singapore passport holders

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4. Brazil: To experience a culture where music is a language

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A country so vast that it spans almost an entire continent, Brazil stuns a first timer with how cohesive such a geographically stretched out country can be. There is a rhythm that beats across the country, and it is palpable in the music on its beaches, in interactions with its friendly locals, its numerous festivals that bring the party to its streets, the colourful wildlife, the adventurous terrain, and its otherworldly landscapes. Brazil is a joy to visit – everything from Rio with Christ the Redeemer overlooking it; the cable car ride up to crowded Pao de Acucar and happening Copacabana Beach; to its national parks and ancient cities like Salvador.

Best time to visit: Visit Rio between December and March, and if Carnival is on your mind, then February it is. The size of the country makes different times suitable for its various parts, making it a year round destination.

No visa required for Singapore passport holders

5. Sri Lanka: So much in so little

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Explore the tiny island country of Sri Lanka which has only recently hopped back onto the travel radar, and is full of delights. Wander in, get your visa on arrival and let Sri Lanka spoil you for choice when it comes to your spot on the sand with both coasts dotted with lovely beaches. The many attractions in capital city Colombo rub shoulders with the UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the country like Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Galle and Sinharaja Forest Reserve. Its rolling tea estates are a thing of beauty and the country has a whale watching season as well.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit the western and the southern parts of the country is from December to March, while the eastern coast is best visited between April and September.

Visa on arrival for Singapore passport holders

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6. Austria: For an Alpine experience

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Pretty Austria is all lakes, meadows, rivers, mountains, and picturesque landscapes. Then there is its rich history showcased in castles and churches strewn around the country. Vienna, dotted with palaces, is a city that oozes culture from its concert halls, displays the fine arts in its museums, and gives you a glimpse into city life with its unique café culture. Snow hounds can head vertically up the Alps for the ski holiday of a lifetime!

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Austria is in April, May, September and October. Weather wise, June to August qualify as up season, which is when tourists throng the country.

No visa required for Singapore passport holders

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7. Czech Republic: For a castle around every other corner

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Let that topper of a passport take you to one of the most intriguing cities in all of Europe. Start with Prague – its Gothic vibe intact and its beers innovative and chilled – and step into a world of castles, chateaux, fortresses and palaces with stories that are full of folklore and tradition. Experience Europe the Czech Republic way.

Best time to visit: Head to Prague between March and May or during September and October. These are the shoulder months between low and up season that will give you good prices, great weather, and the least crowds.

No visa required for Singapore passport holders

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8. Turkey: For a dose of the Asian and the European

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Experience this charming collision of cultures in a country that straddles two continents. Turkey, with Istanbul at the helm of all things tourist, is a cultural melting pot with iconic structures. The city is home to the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace, the Basilica Cistern, and the Kariye Museum. Beyond Istanbul’s tourist attractions, bustling bazaars, and delicious cuisine lies more – like hot air ballooning over Cappadocia and cruises on the Bosphorus.

Best time to visit: April and May and between September and November is the best time of year to visit Turkey.

No visa required for Singapore passport holders

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