7 Reasons Why You Should Trade Your Car for a More Fulfilling Life

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Giving up your car is a big decision, but is it a sound decision? Here are 7 reasons that should convince you it is!

1. Size matters

Singapore is small. It may not seem like that on a Monday morning, but the upside of our country’s size in the ‘should you own a car’ discussion is that it makes car-pooling and biking possible and very successful. Your neighbour is most likely driving to the CBD for his morning meeting too!

Great roads and infrastructure only add to the blessing that is short distances within the city. So ditch your wheels and hop on to that bike – get your cardio going as you move from one point to the next.

Thinking of sharing a cab? Check out UberPool and GrabHitch.

Cycling to work? You don’t even need to own one! Check out Mobike or Ofo. Just make sure you pack a change of clothes to shower if you do cycle to work.

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2. Online is king

With everything, literally everything, online, it is becoming a little unfashionable to step out! On a more serious note, Singaporeans are hooked up online for most essentials – be it cooked food, groceries, entertainment, fashion, electronics, educational or professional courses; even your manicure can be ordered home.

All you need is your credit card. This trend is actually eliminating the need for you to head out to shopping malls and the like. We are in no way suggesting that you stay cocooned in your home, but just a thought!

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3. Upcoming technology aims at making purchasing of cars obsolete

Innovation is at your doorstep! December 12, 2017 saw the launch of an electric car sharing scheme in Singapore. The company, BlueSG, aims at putting 1,000 electric cars on the road in stages, which means that you should be able to hire one very conveniently using your mobile app for the service. This complements Singapore’s already established and highly efficient cab system. Again, tell us, why do you need a car?

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4. The cost of owning a car

The Singapore government is very proactive about regulating the number of cars that hit the roads. There are a number of measures that aim to manage car ownership including Vehicle Quota System (VQS), road taxes, Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and the controversial bidding system for the Certificate of Entitlement (COE).

These measures, including the announcement of the new growth rate for cars and motorcycles at 0%, makes it very clear that there is significant effort to de-incentivise owning personal transport.

Add to these, the expense for car maintenance – some car owners actually go all the way to Johor Bahru for car servicing and such; and fuel – which costs a pretty penny. Owning a car is increasingly becoming prohibitive.

5. Cars versus experiences

Singapore is infamous for the prices of its cars. You just went through some details. Given how much it costs to own one and the fact that there are so many cheap and efficient options around, why not ditch the car and use the money for travel or an experience instead? The kind of budget that you put aside for a car, the permit, its maintenance, and fuel can be put to good use while planning a holiday.

Our advice? Use the money to explore the world, not your neighbourhood!

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6. Save the planet

What was a trendy slogan a few years back has become reality today – we need to do our bit to save the planet. However small our contribution may be, it is going to make a difference. So give up your car for the greater good – getting on that bike or walking to work will be good for the environment and good for your health.

Not to forget, these efforts will go a long way in retaining the beauty of our country. Playing your part as citizens can go a long way in ensuring Singaporeans are spared the crazy traffic snarls we see in neighbouring countries and cities.

7. MRT all the way

Yes, we know! The delays and train cancellations in the past couple of years have been very disappointing. But let’s not forget that Singapore’s MRT is amongst the best in the world. It spans the entire city-state, it is cheap, regular, efficient, easy to access, and has been steadily upgraded and expanded over the years. After expanding its network by 15% this year, the latest plans of expansion in infrastructure include the ‘dream’ where an MRT stop is being planned ten minutes away from every house. Makes quite a case for giving up your ride eventually.

If you’ve been convinced that giving up your personal car can lead to a more fulfilling life, there’s more. We’re convinced that a life of less clutter and unnecessary material possessions will bring you happiness and help you save money. Find out what we mean here.


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