7 Credit Card Privileges You Need to Start Using When You Travel

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7 Credit Card Privileges You Need to Start Using When You Travel

Do you have a credit card that offers amazing benefits and incentives? Are you an enthusiastic globetrotter? Superb! Now all you need to do is to make sure you receive all your credit card incentives when you are travelling abroad.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to restrict using your card to only making payments. You can also use it to enjoy top-class benefits! Your credit card comes with fabulous perks that you can enjoy overseas whether you are going on a vacation or to attend a conference.

1. VIP lounges are not just for VIPs

Try to recall the last time you went on a foreign vacation. Did you stand in a long queue for your check-in formalities? Did you miss the luxuries of waiting inside a VIP lounge? Well, what a shame! You just missed your chance to bump into a celebrity at the VIP lounge!

Not just that, you could have escaped the noisy gate areas, you could have enjoyed free newspapers and magazines, free Wi-Fi, and even chilled in an open bar.

You should always check the benefits provided by your travel credit card before you go abroad so that you can have a memorable and stress-free trip.

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2. Begin your trip with elegance and class in a limousine

Were you aware that the UOB PRVI Miles American Express Card gives a rebate of S$45 for each one-way limousine service to Singapore Changi Airport? This is when you charge your air tickets to this card.

Many other air miles cards also give you the privilege of getting free limo transfers on spending a minimum amount per month. For example, the HSBC Visa Infinite Card gives you a free limo transfers if you spend just S$2,000 in a month.

3. Free Wi-Fi in any part of the globe

Do you have an American Express Platinum Credit Card? Well, what are you waiting for? Upload photographs and Instagram stories of your amazing expeditions while you are travelling! This card gives you free Wi-Fi at hotspots globally so you can now be in touch with your loved ones even while exploring different parts of the world.

And of course, you can flaunt to everybody by ‘checking in’ to every splendid location on Facebook and by updating your social media posts for free!

4. Savour the most wonderful dishes around the world with your credit card benefits

Are you an adventurous person when it comes to trying out local cuisines in foreign countries? Absolutely fantastic! Discover the wide range of cuisines available in different parts of the world with exclusive discounts offered by credit card companies.

Before you book a table for a lovely dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Eiffel Tower or the mystical Egyptian pyramids, check your credit card perks. You might be entitled to complimentary food, wine tours, cash rebates or vouchers when you spend with your credit card.

5. Credit card offers on cab rides

Getting around in a foreign land has never been easier, with the expansion of taxi companies around the world like Uber, Grab, Ola, Lyft, Didi and many more. Did you recently get a Standard Chartered Credit Card? Then you must know that you’re entitled to 15% cashback on Grab rides in Singapore and overseas.

6. Never miss out on air miles if you are a travel lover

When you went on a foreign vacation last year, did you check if you earned air miles with your overseas expenditures? That’s right! Most banks have collaborated with airline companies to give you accelerated air miles for every dollar spent in foreign currency.

For example, you might usually get 1.2 miles for every S$1 spent locally with your DBS Altitude Card, but when you make purchases abroad, you’ll get 2 miles for every S$1 spent.

These accelerated miles are great for raking up the miles, but also don’t forget that overseas transactions incur transaction charges, so do make sure that it’s an overall net benefit before using your card overseas.

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7. Shop till you drop

Did you just spot a gorgeous pair of stilettos while travelling and are you wondering if it’s too pricey? We Singaporeans love to shop whenever we’re in Europe or the US, cause it’s generally less expensive than in Singapore. Use a shopping credit card like the Citi Rewards Card, which will give you 10X Citi Reward points for shopping expenditure globally.

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Keep your eyes peeled for the best promotions and perks offered by your credit cards and make sure you use them to the fullest when you go abroad.


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