7 Careers Where You Can Earn More Money Than Your Regular Job

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Long working hours, difficult to deal with bosses and colleagues, time-consuming commute – oh, the perils of our regular, full-time jobs! It is only normal to feel super mechanical by having the same work profile, going to the same place, and meeting the same set of people every single day.

What if we tell you that you can break-free from all the monotony, pursue your passion, and still make more money than your age-old full-time job? Read on to find out which alternate careers you can choose to have a more fulfilling life.

1. Private tuitions

Source: Pexel

Singapore’s private tuition industry is worth S$1 billion. Talented, dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced teachers are always in demand. If you have knowledge and interest in at least one area and the relevant certification, you could make a career in teaching. Effective communication skills and being aware of the latest developments in your field are great add-ons; let’s take a look at how much you can earn.

Average tuition rates per hour, based on tutor’s qualification and standard are as follows:

  • Lower primary: S$25-S$50
  • Upper primary: S$30-S$60
  • Lower secondary: S$35-S$70
  • Upper secondary: S$40-S$85
  • Junior college: S$45-S$100

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2. Web designers

Source: Pexel

With consumers’ shopping behaviours leaning towards online retail in comparison to its brick-and-mortar counterpart, the demand for web designers has picked up. Even small businesses and start-ups want to make it big with an online presence.

Why not cash in on the opportunity by personally reaching out to them with your creative web designing skills and guarantee of quality, both in design and functionality.

You can earn from a modest S$500 to a staggering S$5,000 per project, based on the job complexity and the number of work hours involved.

3. Coders

Source: Pexel

An increasing number of companies are outsourcing several jobs to save costs. One of them is coding computer programmes. So, if you enjoy the challenge of solving all kinds of computer programming problems and would like to know more about the theory of computer science, here is the alternative job for you. Become a personalised coder!

The per hour rate depends on your relationship with your client, the area of expertise and experience, and the level of involvement. You can earn around S$98-S$350, depending on your specialty.

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4. Life coaching

With stress becoming an inevitable part of our ever-busy and hectic lifestyle, increasing number of people are looking for channels to solve their problems. If you think you have the passion and patience to help someone in need, here is a career option for you.

Life coaching is a well-paid prospect for your willingness to help others boost their productivity, improve their relationships, and enhance their overall quality of life. People who have high levels of social skills, are efficient at resolving disputes and skilled at building relationships can make over S$35,000 a year through part-time life coaching. You can also work with corporate teams and organise conferences for larger groups.

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5. Childcare services

With busy working schedules of parents, efficient and trustworthy childcare centres are in huge demand. If you love kids, this is the ideal career choice. The earnings vary between S$856-S$1,000 per child per month on an average. The cost depends on the location of the childcare centre, the facilities you can offer, the number of hours the child stays at the centre and so on.

6. Cooking classes

Source: Pexel

What if we told you that your love for cooking for your family every Sunday afternoon could be groomed into your next career option? The demand for cookery classes in Singapore is rising because of changing lifestyles and the willingness to experiment with food.

Foodies in Singapore want to learn how to cook everything from local street food favourites and traditional Singaporean-Chinese meals to Indian, Persian, Turkish, and Lebanese.

Although certifications are an added advantage for professional classes, you can run them from your home too. You can conduct multiple classes in batches of around 12 people, and charge anywhere between S$100-S$120 per person, or maybe more, depending on your culinary skills and cuisines.

7. Fitness experts

People from all walks of life want to look fit and perform at the very top of their game. This has created a huge demand for fitness trainers. Several factors contribute to how much a personal trainer can earn such as qualifications, experience, the location of training, the hours, achievements, demand/availability, and specialisations.

A fitness trainer can charge S$70 per hour or more, depending upon the training programme.

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Other career options where a person can bring home the bacon include insurance agents, bloggers, and commercial photographers.


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