6 Ways to Prepare for Negotiating Your Salary

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There are a lot of us who start fretting about the prospect of negotiating salaries when we attend interviews. It’s not an easy thing to do but at the same time, it’s not impossible either. What you need to do this right is a checklist of things that you need to prepare for. We have put together just such a list for you.

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1. Be sure of what you want

This means that you need to do some serious research. Make sure you know that company that you are applying to and how they have been performing. You can also make a list of specific questions you should have answers to before beginning the negotiation, such as:

  • What is the salary bracket reserved for the role you are applying for?
  • Do your expectations fit within that bracket?
  • What is the lowest amount you are okay with? This is only for you to know, and not to be announced during negotiations.
  • Can you justify what you are asking for?

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2. Practice the negotiation

They say that practice makes perfect and this situation is no exception. Image every possible scenario that could unfold at the negotiations and practice how you intend to reply to each of those situations. If you can get a friend to help you with this, it’s even better.

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3. Don’t get hung up on money

There is every chance that you are made an offer and you counter with a number closer to your goal. And before you know it you and the interviewer are just bouncing numbers off each other.

At some point, one of you is going to get fed up and end the discussion, not necessarily in your favour. What you should do is to prepare to negotiate on things like extra vacation time or performance incentives at later stages, etc.

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4. Be ready to counter negatives

Sometimes it can happen that your previous employer had been paying you rather less. In such cases you may have to work harder to convince interviewers that you are actually worth what you are asking for. It’s best if you highlight your experience and how well you fit the role.

5. Prepare to be rejected

It’s nothing personal but sometimes a company can reject your candidature. There could be a myriad reasons for it, they can’t afford to hire you, they can’t offer you the growth you are looking for, your profile does not meet their expectations, etc. Should that happen, don’t take it personally and dwell on it. Learn from the experience and move on to the next opportunity.

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6. Be prepared to say “no”

Just like companies saying no to you, you can say no to them too. There may come a time when the offer made does not meet you current or future goals. In such cases, it would be better to say no than to agree to a package that leaves you unhappy.

Don’t take salary discussions in interviews lightly. They require preparation and a bit of practice. Preparing yourself using these points as a checklist you should already be in a better position to negotiate your next salary.

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6 Tips to Negotiate Your Salary


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