5 Trendy Fitness Workouts That Singaporeans Love

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The latest trend in Singapore’s fitness universe is group workouts; it seems connecting with people as you sweat it out is as important for your health as the actual workout itself. So there you have it – a list of group fitness workouts that have become popular of late!

1. Kukuwa Fitness

Music is a universal language and the Kukuwa African Dance Workout proves just that. Based on an African harvest dance, this program makes you move your arms, legs, waist and hips to the beat of African rhythms. Instructors promise effective results like the burning of up to 1,000 calories in a 60-minute class using muscles you did not even know existed.

The novelty of the workout is the fact that the music and movements are foreign and cultural – exposing the keen-to-be-fit to a totally new experience. You may not understand the language or the music, but during this celebratory workout, you will find yourself connecting and laughing with the group.

2. Trampolining

Heard of killing two birds with one stone? Well, if you like the idea of endorphins rushing through your system after that high-intensity workout, you will absolutely adore it when it is combined with a giggling session. So, jump! Yes, all you have to do is channel that inner child in you, get on to a rebounder, and let yourself go.

Trampolining is the new heart racer on the fitness block. It is more effective than running and much easier on the joints – your knees will thank you. But be sure to join a class instead of freestyling it at a park. Boing-boing!

3. Piloxing Barre

If you thought piloxing was the ultimate workout, meet piloxing barre. It’s got the same ingredients as piloxing – a combination of pilates, boxing and dance – but with a strenuous twist. You get to push your muscles even harder when you use the barre to bend lower or raise your legs higher. So basically, in piloxing barre, you are turning on the amp for a more intense workout. Wonder what state that leaves you in when it is time to connect with the group!

4. Pound

Bored of ‘same-old?’ Try pound, a full body cardio that puts together simulated drumming with light resistant exercises. It is perfect for the easily stimulated bunch that gets bored quickly. It also works for the less coordinated lot that has trouble with Zumba and its dance steps – this is plain and simple high intensity cardio executed super swiftly to rocking tunes.

The efficient 45-minute workout, which packs in everything from pilates to isometrics and cardio, gives you a full workout – legs, butt, thighs, core and cardio, all taken care of. Go ahead, rock on!

5. Hydro-spinning

Sounds a lot like dunking your bicycle into a pool, getting on top of it and pedalling your way to a toned body. Well, not quite but you’re close. Spinning classes are seeing an exodus toward this low-stress option. This strange and very imaginative workout involves bikes encased in water pods (yes, really) and is believed to be extremely effective in doing away with unwanted cellulite in the lower part of the body. And since there is no pool involved, you don’t need to be a swimmer either!

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