5 Things You Gain as You Turn Mentor

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It is time to give back – not just through gifts or your time, but by sharing your expertise. Turn mentor to give back to your profession and create an expert workforce for tomorrow. You will stand to gain an opportunity to halt attrition in your company or hire good people into your teams; score a good entry on your resume; feel exhilarated at the chance to give back; and exhibit leadership qualities to aim for the big role within your sector/company. Here’s our take on the top five things you gain when you turn mentor:

The satisfaction of changing someone’s life for the better

Most of us are who we are because of someone; someone who showed us the right path, guided us throughout and helped us achieve our goals. So, it’s time to give back and show gratitude to your mentor by being what he/she was to you for someone else. This will not only help your mentee but make you happy. After all, seeing someone succeed because of you tends to fill up your heart with warmth and happiness.

See new perspectives

Working with the same bunch of people for years, hanging out with people of your age or living the monotonous corporate life can get boring. Being a mentor will open new avenues for your mind. Imagine how much you will learn from someone who is much younger than you or from an entirely different education background or career field. If you are mentoring a junior from another department at your workplace, you will learn how that team functions. If you are mentoring a junior from your educational field, you will know the latest additions to the sector and learn new viewpoints. After all, the relationship between a mentor and a mentee is such that both the parties gain.

Enhance your skills

Being a mentor will enhance two imperative skills – leadership and communication. Since your mentee might not necessarily be from your educational or career field, you will have to learn new ways to communicate with him/her and while you are at it, thus enhancing your skills. When your mentee succeeds or achieves his/her goals, your confidence will receive an enormous boost. So, while you are helping someone improve their personal or professional life, your personality is getting upgraded too. In the end, it’s a win-win deal.

Boost your CV

While pumping your CV should not be your aim behind mentoring someone, if you do a good job, it will follow. Who does not want to hire a credible, responsible, supportive and knowledgeable person? You will be a value add to any team, and your company will want you to guide the younger workforce. You can fix the company’s high attrition rate and make sure quality people join your team. Being a mentor will ensure that you are an asset to any team.

New career paths

If you love mentoring, you can explore it as an addition to your regular job. Once you start networking, you can get invitations to give guest lectures at colleges and company events. Alternatively, you can start a mentoring programme in your company where each new joiner gets a mentor who will guide him/her and help achieve his/her goals. While this will benefit the mentees, it will give you an edge over your colleagues and open up new avenues for you.

Are these reasons good enough to encourage you to become a mentor to someone in need? Give it a shot, and become a mentor as that will give you the perfect answer to a question most of us ask when we look back – “What have I achieved in life?”


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