5 Reasons Why the BOC Visa Infinite Card Is the Ideal Travelling Companion

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Bank of China here in Singapore is kicking some serious backside with their BOC Visa Infinite Card. Travelling abroad is always a big hassle especially when you’re slightly broke. C’mon let’s face it, we take months to save a few dollars here and there. No more fancy meals with Hainanese Chicken Rice, Char Kuay Teow, Hokkein Prawn Mee, not even Laksa! We finally have our savings sorted out and just when you think it is about to be worth it, you forget to take into account the foreign transaction fees you are going to be charged for every single time you swipe your card. Your shopping budget just depleted to half, didn’t it?

Now what? Hold your horses, because it always gets better. For those of us who overlook minor financial details before taking a trip abroad, we don’t have to lose out anymore. With the right credit card, anything is possible (except superpowers, unless you have enough money in which case you can just hire a superhero).
Before travelling, we always keep a buffer amount just in case we overshoot our budgets, miscalculate our expenses and so on. But if you own the BOC Visa Infinite Card, you don’t really need a buffer amount because it becomes your chief of finance, best friend and even your saviour (literally, we’ll get there).

Here are 5 reasons why the BOC Visa Infinite Card could be the ideal travelling companion:

1. Complimentary access to Plaza premium lounge
How about feeling like the cream of society? You will have access to participating Plaza premium lounges across the world, twice every year. That’s right, infinite possibilities with your BOC Infinite Card.
The start to your journey has set the bar real high right? How about some savings to spend on things you actually want?

2. Waiver on currency exchange fees on all your overseas purchases
You will enjoy a waiver of 1.5% on your currency exchange fees on every single one of your overseas purchases. A little money just got added to your shopping budget just like that.

Now are you thinking about what you are going to do with all that extra cash you didn’t think you would have? Let’s get some help, shall we?

3. Lifestyle concierge available 24 hours
Looking for a personal shopper who can make you look like a million bucks? Or are you craving a special meal and wondering if you can find a chef to make it just the way you like it? You can seek assistance from the lifestyle concierge available to you 24 hours a day because, well, whims and fancies know no time.
Remember how we talked about the BOC Visa Infinite Card being your saviour? Yup, here it is.

4. Complimentary life insurance and purchase protection
Stop worrying about the future and enjoy your trip in peace, while it lasts. If you use your BOC Visa Infinite Card to make your travel arrangements, you will get complimentary life insurance of up to S$1 million (if you don’t think that is a lot, then better start counting the zeroes in it to get a clearer picture). Not only have you secured yourself with this insurance, you will also enjoy purchase protection on whatever you buy using your credit card. Your trust issues can take a back seat while you enjoy the protection on everything you buy.

Travelling is not as marvellous and easy as people portray it to be these days. Adjusting to a new environment, adapting to their taste and practices can pose to be a challenge at times. What if you even get a little ill?

5. Priority medical queue at 65doctor
With this credit card, you will have access to BOC’s exclusive doctor appointment booking service that will give you priority over those who don’t have credit cards that offer them the same benefits. You can even book your appointments online, get checked, and you’ll be back on your feet and exploring infinite adventures in no time.

Are you back home now? Did you miss it? Did you get a little home sick while on your trip? Are you craving some chilli crab and satay? Because let’s face it, no food is as good as home food. Like we have agreed, this credit card is your best friend and best friends always know how to make you happy no matter where you are:

  • You will get 1% cash rebate on all transactions you make in Singapore. What’s even better is that there is no minimum spend required for you to earn cash rebates and no cap to how much you can earn.
  • You will love your home food even better now with exclusive dining privileges at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel.

If you are at least 21 years old and earn S$120,000 or above per annum, say hi to your new best friend. If you are not old enough to be a principal card member, you can still own a supplementary card if you are at least 18 years old. The BOC Visa Infinite Card values you right from when you first meet it – enjoy annual fee waiver on this card for 1 year.

Whether you want to travel, stay home, shop, eat and do whatever that strikes your fancy, you can use the BOC Visa Infinite Card for all intents and purposes.


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