5 Reasons Why Not Getting Travel Insurance Could Really Ruin Your Vacation

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Why no travel insurance can ruin your vacation

Asking if you need travel insurance is like asking if you need a blanket on a chilly night, the answer is of course you do! If you are an avid traveller, then you’ll know that getting travel insurance isn’t simply a waste of money.

Picture this – you have taken a significant amount of time saving up for a trip abroad and finally have enough to go backpacking anywhere you fancy. But what happens when things do not go as planned? Your baggage is lost or your flight is delayed? Your whole itinerary that you took weeks to plan out can get shot to pieces just like that. And what hurts more is that you may not have saved enough to recover such expenses. Your trip has been ruined even before it has really begun. Now, this is when a travel insurance is your saviour.

Here are 5 reasons why not getting travel insurance could ruin your vacation:

1. You will not have any medical insurance cover

Say you are a klutz, now imagine carrying around that huge rucksack throughout your backpacking trip. How many times did you fall on your face in the last 30 seconds? Exactly. You desperately need the medical insurance cover. And haven’t our parents told us that a lot worse can happen when travelling abroad, especially alone, and especially for the first time?

Having a travel insurance under such circumstances can help cover all your medical expenses, including accidental dental treatments on some occasions. Don’t believe it? Try the comprehensive medical insurance cover provided under the ETIQA Travel Insurance that offers medical cover of up to S$1 million or the AXA Travel Insurance that offers a medical cover of up to S$600,000.

2. You will not receive any compensation in case of flight delays

Not all flights are punctual to the last letter. Let’s face it, flights are often delayed on account of various reasons and no matter whom you place the blame on, it will not change the outcome. Your flight has been delayed and if you have connecting flights, it is only going to go downhill from here. So, what now? If you have insured your trip, half your worries have already been taken care of.

For instance, if you are insured under the MSIG Travel Insurance, you will be covered against all flight-related risks including flight diversion, cancellation, curtailment, postponement, disruption, etc. with premiums that cost as low as S$20.30. Think about it – this premium probably costs lesser than what you paid for dinner last night. The Liberty Travel Insurance plans also offer cover for similar flight benefits under their travel inconvenience cover.

3. You will not be reimbursed for baggage delay and/or loss of baggage

Who hasn’t gone on a little shopping spree before a huge trip? We all want to look nice for the zillion selfies we are going to take and upload on social media so every one of our friends will know exactly what we are up to. How else do we make people jealous, right?

So what happens if you get off your flight alright but do not find your baggage? Is it lost? Are you never going to see your fab clothes and your emergency supplies kit again? The horror! But wait, don’t you have travel insurance because that can make this whole problem go away instantly.

If you have the HSBC Travel Insurance, you can receive up to S$7,000 for the loss of your personal effects. If you are a golfer, you can receive an additional amount of up to S$3,000 for the replacement of your golf clubs alone. Similarly, you can also skim through the NTUC Income Travel Insurance that provides comprehensive cover in case of loss/theft/damage to your personal belongings or your baggage throughout your trip.

4. You will not have access to emergency assistance

It’s very easy to fall into a puddle of trouble when overseas. Language barriers, unfamiliarity, cultural differences and so on can hinder getting the right help when abroad and can turn your dream trip into a nightmare in no time. If you are insured with travel insurance, no matter where you are, you can get assistance from your insurer. This can become a lifesaver during emergencies, literally speaking. Many insurance companies including AVIVA Travel Insurance and AIA Travel Insurance offer 24-hour travel assistance to their members.

5. You and your family will not have any security in case of your accidental death or permanent disability

We all fear that the worst might happen when we are travelling, especially if we’re going on a long trip. At some point in our lives, haven’t we all said, “I’m going to die” during the very first turbulence on our flight? The reason for such fears is that there is a chance it may happen.

At times like this, your family will already be going through the worst phase of their lives, but you can make this difficult time for them a little less painful by insuring your trip. For instance, AIG Travel Insurance offers personal accident benefits of up to S$1,000,000 and MSIG Travel Insurance even extend their insurance to cover bereavement costs involved in death occurring overseas.

If after reading this you still feel that you can do without travel insurance on your vacation, then you should probably go back and read it again. Cutting corners by avoiding travel insurance while planning your trip is a mistake that can cost you heavily, we’re not just talking money here. If this trip has been your dream, then don’t let it die with you, literally. Insuring yourself will not only protect you but also your loved ones.

Has travel insurance ever saved you from an unpleasant holiday situation? Let us know in the comments.

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