5 Hacks to Get the Best Credit Card Deal

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5 Hacks to Get the Best Credit Card DealHave you ever wondered how to get the most out of your credit card? Many people don’t give it much thought, and unwittingly end up losing out on lucrative offers. Don’t let your credit card be a simple piece of plastic in your pocket; instead, make it save – rather earn – for you! Here are 5 hacks to get the best credit card deal.

1. Stay on top of the offers game

Simply checking your card for deals offered by the issuer is a very easy and often ignored hack. Make a habit of staying on top of offers, and you will be surprised at the deals you manage to score, only because you paid attention. Keep aside some of that time you spend online to browse through BankBazaar which keeps you up to date with the latest deals and offers. These offers are very often open only for a limited time period, so quit being lazy and take full advantage of your card!

2. Use comparison sites

Choosing a credit card is not the easiest thing to do – in fact, it can be quite cumbersome given all the options. Going through terms and conditions of one offer is enough to tax the ordinary person’s brain, and when you have to do that for more than one card, it is definitely a headache. This is what leads to skipping the research and compare process. Let a comparison site like BankBazaar do the hard work for you. So, no more rash decisions that eventually lead to thousands of dollars in steep interest fees or huge cancellation charges – only because you did not bother with the details.

BankBazaar helps you compare and find the best cards out there based on your preferences.

3. Change your perception

While choosing a card, don’t skip the one that charges a regular annual fee (after the first-year fee waiver); if you look closely, this once-a-year fee can be quite worth it. Look for details because when you actually do the math, the annual fee amount gets overshadowed by the value of the deals and offers. Read the fine print! Another way around this annual fee issue is a little bargaining at renewal time. Call the card issuer and request to have the fee waived – very often, a simple request works; or you may instead be offered rewards of an equal value.

4. Be diligent about due dates

A very simple hack is paying attention to your billing cycle. On your calendar, earmark the billing cycles and the due dates. The usual practice is that the due date for any particular billing month is at least a month after the end date of your billing cycle. So if there is a big purchase planned, hack the system by shopping a day after your billing cycle ends. This way, you get to pay for your big spend only after two months instead of after one!

5. It’s as simple as being nice

With all the competition going around in markets today, credit card companies also bend over backwards for good – and polite – customers. Charges like your annual fee, late fee, and even foreign transaction fee can sometimes be waived on request. All you have to do is ask nicely!

You may like to compare the credit cards available in the market and choose a one that best suits your needs.


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