5 Frugal Things to Do Daily for Better Savings

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Image indicating saving through being frugal

We all know money doesn’t grow on trees as hard as we wish it did. With economies a-changing, currencies rising and falling, it is easy to worry about money. But if we just take it a day at a time, we can rest assured that we are doing something, even a little thing, in managing our finances.

Underlying all these to-do’s is our attitude and mindset about money, our needs, and our goals in using it. Remember to keep positive because every little thing we do each day counts.

Image of calculators and money

1. Set money aside.

It may sound cliche, but assigning a jar for a particular goal (a modernized piggy bank, if you will) actually does work. You can even put coins you found lying around or an extra dollar or so until the jar is full, and reward yourself with that goal or a treat, if it’s taking too long.

The point is to enjoy the process and not get stuck in the have-to-do-it nature that we can easily fall into.

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2. Plan your day.

This doesn’t mean just making your list of to-do’s or checking your calendar. This includes planning your meals. For example, will you take a packed lunch, bring a canister of coffee, or check out the local grocery, instead of the convenience store, on your way to work?

What kind of commutes will you have to take? Or if you have a car, is it better to take a car? Maybe even a bike would suffice.


Will your day involve some waiting time? Consider bringing a book to read or a power bank if you are going to rely on your cellphone. Don’t forget to couple it with earphones. Sometimes, waiting in a mall without anything to do makes us buy more just to pass the time.

3. Be an informed consumer.

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it is so easy to just grab something on the go, whether it be a drink, a snack, or something to read. Make sure you take a second to really think before you buy something if you really need it.

If you do, find a way next time to avoid getting it again and perhaps prepare for it at home the next day.

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4. Check out ways to get things online free or at a discount

The Internet has been lauded as a revolutionary advancement but also condemned like money, as being the root of all evil. However, we can’t discount the many ways it is helpful. In this case, the internet offers us many helpful things for free, ways to get cheaper deals, and apps that make our lives more manageable.

5. Go to a free museum or park, or take a scenic walk.

Being frugal doesn’t have to mean all work and no play. Entertainment does not have to mean expensive either. Singapore has a number of museums that offer free admission. Visit the Singapore Art Museum, the National Museum of Singapore, or the Singapore Philatelic Museum for starters.

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The Singapore Botanic Gardens or the Punggol Waterway Park are among the many free parks to choose from for a more natural break from your everyday routine. The Punggol Waterway in particular, is great for jogging or cycling along the waterway.

Singapore also offers many opportunities to exercise for free and enjoy the scenery daily. Among them are the Changi Point Boardwalk and the Bukit Chermin Boardwalk.

So from starting our day to taking breaks, the important thing to remember in being frugal daily is to make it a habit and enjoy it.

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