4 Vacations to Historical Places That You Must Plan with Your Kids

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Historical locations

Do you, like most parents, find it hard to constantly keep your children entertained? Do you keep thinking of ways to make holidays interesting without having to visit the same beaches or amusement parks?

Well, how about the next time you vacation with your family, you do things a little differently?

How about you follow in the footsteps (literally) of those who came before you at a historical destination? This way, you ensure that your kids not only have fun but that they also end up learning so much more about a different country and their culture!

With that in mind, here are 4 historical places you must visit with your kids:

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1. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Historical destinations

If your kids have been raised on a diet of Indiana Jones’ films (thanks to you) or love watching Nickelodeon’s TV movie Legends of the Hidden Temple, you must visit Angkor Wat.

Built somewhere between 1113 and 1150 A.D., Angkor Wat is spread across 500 acres. The temple has a rich history surrounding it. It was built as a Hindu temple, converted to a Buddhist temple in the fourteenth century, and much later it was fortified for military purposes. Today, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is where your kids can explore the temple, its surrounding jungles, and the waterfall close by.

Don’t forget to visit the Hall of Echoes and have your kids fascinated by the acoustics!

Learn more about Angkor Wat on the Tourism of Cambodia website.

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2. The Great Wall of China, China

Historical destinations

Photo courtesy of @traveltimes.com.au

First built in 700 B.C., The Great Wall of China is actually a number of individual walls that were eventually joined together to protect China from invaders.

The hike to the Wall is one that will bring out the spirit of adventure in everyone!

We also know that hiking with kids can be stressful, so here are a few things to keep in mind while hiking to The Great Wall:

  • Pick a hike that isn’t too long. There are multiple hikes such as one-day hikes and overnight hikes. So, pick one that is easy for everyone in your family and with frequent stops.

Pro tip: The hike from Jiankou to Mutianyu is a great one for beginners since it doesn’t require any prior hiking or backpacking experience. The entire hike (with breaks) could take around 4 to 5 hours. And while you may end up being tired, you will be treated to some beautiful views and the kids would have made memories to last a lifetime!

  • Make sure you carry plenty of water so that you are hydrated.
  • Ensure that you hike together so that no one family member ends up taking a different trail.
  • Carry a portable first aid kit. Just in case!

In fact, this historical destination should be on your must-visit list sooner rather than later because, in the last 50 years, nearly 30% of the wall has been damaged, stolen, or broken. So, go and experience the wonder of The Great Wall before it is too late!

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3. Parthenon, Greece

Historical destinations

One of the most recognisable ancient Greek temples, the Parthenon was built between 447 B.C. and 438 B.C. in dedication to Athena Parthenos, the patron of the Acropolis.

The walk up to the temple is long and meandering, but the view of Athens below more than makes up for any tiredness you may feel.

In fact, right before you visit the Parthenon you should ignite your kids’ imagination by telling them stories from Greek mythology. This will only make them more excited to see the temple.

Your kids can even run around the area outside the Parthenon; just make sure that they don’t pick up any rocks or stones since they will be chastised by the guards around.

You can also get some frozen beverages on your way down to help quench your thirst!

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4. Hagia Sophia, Turkey

Historical destinations

Photo courtesy of @zana_rettie_649

Once a church, then a mosque, and now a museum, the Hagia Sophia very succinctly tells you the story of modern-day Istanbul.

Stepping inside the Hagia Sophia is like being part of an ornate mural. It isn’t just history that your kids can appreciate, but the architecture is something to marvel at as well. The minarets and high ceilings are awe-inspiring.

While on the second floor of the building, don’t forget to look out of the windows. The views are unbeatable! On one side you can see the Blue Mosque at a distance and on the other side, the clear waters of the Bosporus Strait.

Go here to show your children how the traditional and modern seamlessly co-exist.

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Bonus pick

5. Borobudur, Indonesia

Historical destinations

It is around a 2-hour flight from Singapore to Indonesia. So, go ahead and take advantage of this short travel time by visiting the world’s largest Buddhist monument.

Made with nearly two million blocks of lava, Borobudur has 505 statues of Buddha and an impressive 1,500 carved panels narrating the story of the Buddha. Close to Borobudur is the Prambanan temple complex with over hundreds of shrines and temples dedicated to Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu.

It’s important to note that Borobudur and Prambanan can get crowded with tourists during vacation time, so make sure that you and your family don’t lose sight of one another.

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While you are planning to expand your kids’ horizons, don’t forget to use a credit card that earns you rewards while overseas and most importantly, don’t forget to get a good travel insurance policy. This is an easy way of ensuring that your holiday is memorable for all the right reasons!

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