4 Wedding Flowers Tips – Achieve the Wow Factor Without Going Broke

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Wedding flowers are no doubt expensive, but for good reason. They require conceptualisation, sourcing, more stems, more variety, and more attention. Hence, couples can expect to spend anywhere from a thousand to tens of thousands of dollars for a well-decorated wedding.

But even if budget isn’t a big issue, having truly unique wedding blooms can sometimes feel like an impossible task. To help us with that, we spoke with Alyona Yakovleva, florist and founder of Gathered+Styled about wedding flowers tips and common mistakes couples make when choosing their blooms.

4 first-hand wedding flowers tips from Gathered+Styled

#1: Put a hold on those Pinterest pins

The internet has made wedding planning easier than before. But influencers, especially on the Western side of the globe, with their lavish weddings, can often cause ordinary couples to have unrealistic expectations and to fixate on a certain style.

Alyona reveals that “Most of the time, the choices brides make are pretty standard. They choose the same Pinterest pictures and very few are actually open to trying something really different and unusual.”

“You can get some ideas from Pinterest, but don’t go for the most popular pins; be different. Ask your florist what ideas he or she has, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised!”

#2: There’s more than just peony fever

Following the previous point, common flowers you see in weddings in the West would need to travel thousands of kilometres to get to you. You risk spending a pretty penny on a bunch of listless flowers by the time your matrimonial occasion starts.

“Couples in Singapore tend to go for the ‘European-style’ flowers, which most of the time need to be imported from far away, making them expensive,” says Alyona.

“Every bride dreams of peonies. No, really, every single bride! They are beautiful but also one of the most expensive flowers here! I understand this trend. I love peonies myself, but sometimes they are just too expensive, and for me, very often not worth the money.”

#3: Go regional and seasonal

If you are keen on exotic blooms, the most ideal and cost-effective arrangement is one that uses seasonal flowers. “Don’t ask for winter flowers in summer and vice versa. You’ll end up paying quite a lot of money for a few small, not really lasting blooms,” Alyona advises.

Given the perpetual summer heat in Singapore, taking climate into consideration can help your décor last through the late hours of the party and cut down on your floral budget too.

“A lot of flowers and foliage come from Holland, Australia, South America, New Zealand, Taiwan, China, India, and Malaysia. Nothing is actually grown here in Singapore but using plants and foliage suited to this climate can help you save or get more or something bigger with the same budget.”

#4: Go green instead of the standard blooms

Hotel packages often include flowers but that also means that everyone has the same few arrangements.

Going green and tropical is not only more value for money but it would make your setting stand out. Sure, cascading flower curtains make a fairy tale sight but a massive plant chandelier made out of ferns may prove to be the talk of the evening.

“Your guests might not remember whether the scallop was good but they would definitely remember and take pictures with a hanging monstera chandelier or a flower backdrop full of artichokes!” shares Alyona. “Moreover this 2018’s Pantone colour of the year is greenery, so you can save and be trendy at the same time!”

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