3 Must-Have Credit Cards for the Petrolhead

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Petrolhead: Noun
Someone who loves and uses their car immensely, often refusing to use any other mode of transport.

One might not find this word in a contemporary dictionary, for most of them are found on the roads, tearing it up and enjoying every moment of it. For the uninitiated, a petrolhead is someone who loves driving and riding. Someone who would rather drive across the globe than take a flight.

Now I’m sure we all know of such people, be it our friends, family or yourself. Ask any petrolhead what they would like and they would probably say “A car that drives well, which gives me the freedom to be myself”. Sure, being a petrolhead is cool, and while they might want to own the most outrageous car, they are bound to feel the financial pinch of owning it. One way to offset this blow is to own a fuel credit card, one which offers great savings each time they fill up their ride.

Fuel prices in Singapore

A litre of petrol in Singapore can cost anywhere between $1.90 and $2.50. This, in essence, means that you end up spending a sizeable portion of your income on fueling your desires. Independent studies and estimates suggest that we spend around 18% of our monthly income on travel, which makes one wonder, “Can anything be done to save money?” The answer to this is “Yes”, a smart individual can save every time he/she fills petrol or diesel for their vehicle, with fuel credit cards being the weapon of choice.

Best fuel credit cards in Singapore

Singapore has a great history when it comes to cars, with the Singapore Grand Prix touted as one of the best in the world. While not everyone might get an opportunity to participate in it, we do have some of the best roads and vehicles to make a petrolhead out of everyone. Listed below are some of the best petrol credit cards in Singapore.

1. Citi Cash Back Card

Citi Cash Back Card is definitely more of a cashback credit card than a petrol credit card. Then why is it in the list you ask? It is because of the amazing discounts the card offers on petrol expenses! This credit card will definitely get any petrolhead addicted with its discounts and cashback on fuel purchases. With this credit card, you can enjoy a discount of 20.88% on petrol purchases made at Esso Shell stations. You can also get a cashback of 8% on petrol purchases worldwide provided you spend a minimum of S$888 a month.

2. HSBC Visa Platinum credit card

This credit card by HSBC is a definite competitor to the Citi Cash Back credit card. The credit card offers a discount up to 20.2% on fuel purchases at Shell and Caltex stations along with outdoor fuel payment discount. The card offers an instant discount at Shell and Caltex stations.

3. Standard Chartered Manhattan World Mastercard

The Standard Chartered Manhattan World Mastercard is no less than the other two credit cards. In addition to discounts on fuel purchases, this credit card also offers discounts on Uber rides! Great for times when the petrolhead’s car breaks down and they have to take Uber to work. Here’s where you can get discounts:

  • 26.6% on fuel purchases at Caltex stations
  • and 20% cashback on Uber rides globally!

Freedom means different things to different people. For a petrolhead, freedom is being able to rev up his/her car and put the pedal to the metal. If finances prevented you from freeing yourself in the past, use any of these cards to truly enjoy the definition of driving. So the next time you fill up, make sure that it is both your car and soul that get the benefits.

Which is your go-to credit card for petrol discounts? Tell us in the comments.

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