14 Things Singaporeans Shouldn’t Pay Full Price For

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Things Singaporeans Shouldn't Pay Full Price For

We just told you which eight things you must spend on irrespective of their cost. Now let us reveal those things that you should never pay full price for. Apart from saving money, you will also get immense satisfaction. After all, paying less for things or not paying at all and still getting them is one of the greatest joys in this world. Take a look. We promise you will not regret spending your time reading the list.

Save your money, cause these are things Singaporeans shouldn’t pay full price for

1. Cleaning products

Using cleaning products is inevitable. However, paying their full price isn’t. You really can skip paying a price for the brand name, packaging, and any excess charges. How?

By making some effort and putting together your own using simple ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar. The Internet is loaded with simple and effective combinations, so go explore now. If DIY isn’t your type, head to lesser known stores such as ValuDollar or myCk instead of NTUC FairPrice to buy cleaning products at steal-worthy prices.

2. Air tickets

If you are one of those who go on the official website of the airline you want to fly and book tickets, you stand the chance of paying more on several routes or not knowing of other cost-effective options.

Head to comparative websites such as Skyscanner before you book your ticket to make sure you are getting the best rate. Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for their newsletters that are like a treasure box of deals!

Also, get yourself a travel credit card to not only save money but also get exclusive deals and other benefits when you book through them.

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3. Attraction tickets while travelling

If you are planning a vacation and want to indulge in the best of activities at discounted costs, log onto websites such as Klook and Viator. With massive discounts and benefits, you will never need to pay full price for activities again. If you are travelling to Europe, you can buy specific city cards such as I amsterdam city card or The Paris Pass that will open the doors of various museums, cruises, wine tastings and much more for you at affordable prices.

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4. Cameras

Hunting for that perfect DSLR you could satisfy your quench to learn photography with? You don’t need to pay the full price! Ditch official stores such as Canon or electronic stores such as Challenger as they will always charge you close to retail price. Instead, head to a specialised camera shop like MS Colour and get it significantly cheaper. Plus, you can pay in cash to save more.

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5. Premium bedsheets

If you’re into high-quality bedsheets that usually retail at over S$500, don’t buy them on a random day at Robinsons. Get an OCBC Robinsons Card, wait for a closed-door sale, and go for it. You can save over 50% if you make the purchase at the right time.

6. Expensive cast iron pots

round dutch oven cast iron pot

If you love cooking, you’ll love Le Creuset pots. However, they cost a mini fortune. If you’re planning to get one, make sure you check their website for promotions and get your favourites from a department store. Anything less than a 40%-50% discount is overpaying.

7. Fancy meals at restaurants

Craving some interminable buffets, epic gastronomy experiences, and candle-lit dinners where you are treated like royalty? Yes, these meals do burn a hole in the pocket, but not if you do it right. We are hinting at deals! Who doesn’t love them?

Websites such as Fave, Eatigo and Hungrydeals are your saviours. They have some super value-for-money offers so you can enjoy luxurious meals at almost half their original costs!

You can also buy apps such as The Entertainer to enjoy 1-1 offers on some of the best meals and drinks in town.

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Plus, you can make use of credit cards like the American Express Platinum Credit Card that offer tempting 1-1 meal deals, free drinks and other benefits. While you are at it, don’t forget to use these cashback cards to save more.

Love Dining - American Express Platinum Credit Card

Love Dining programme from the American Express Platinum Credit Card

8. Hotel rooms on vacations

Remember how your hotel stay ate up a major chunk of your last vacation budget? Don’t let that story repeat this year. Our mantra is that you never really need to pay the full cost of a hotel room, however great it is!

The growing travel industry showers offers that get tempting each day. Websites such as Hotels.com, Expedia, and Booking.com have high discounts on original room prices and to book you don’t even need to pay instantly! Make the most of online offers, compare, take your time and you will save loads. Also, don’t forget to use your HSBC Revolution Credit Card to enjoy an additional 7% off on selected hotel bookings made on Agoda.com.

9. Water

This one is a no-brainer. With Singapore tap water being rated extremely high according to world potable water standards – actually, it surpasses World Health Organisation’s standards – it is shocking how the bottled water industry exists in the city. You really don’t need to ‘buy’ water if you make a little effort of carrying a bottle around.

10. Cakes and pastries

berry cake

Yes! You read that right. Calling all those who live to eat desserts. You don’t need to pay the original price of these slices of heaven if you can control your cravings until evening.

That’s because many cake shops in Singapore – even premium ones such as Ah Teng’s Bakery at Raffles Hotel and D9 Cakery at Hilton – offer discounted baked goodies post as early as 6pm. Go, grab them!

11. Appliances and electronics

appliances and electronics from Lazada

What is life without fancy electronics? However, you don’t need to break the bank to buy your desired one. Yes, buying them from Tangs is fun and all, but you’re likely to be overpaying as well. Check out the same product on Lazada and you might find the price knocked off quite a fair bit.

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12. Private taxi rides

After using Grab for so long, many of us have become accustomed to the convenience. Even though the promo codes are gone, it’s still tempting to use Grab to get around. However, these rides can get pricey, especially during peak hours. Always check your notifications for any promos and use a cashback credit card or rewards card to double dip.

13. Branded items

Discounts on branded items from @thevanillapup

Love your blogshops and branded products? If you research smartly before buying, your fancy purchases won’t really burn a deep hole in your pockets. How? Before you buy any product, log on to Instagram to look for a hashtag related to the brand and hunt down a promo code. Chances are, a social media influencer may be collaborating with the brand and offering a unique promo code. Time for huge savings.

14. Books

If book covers make your heart race but their retail prices act as dampers, you are not alone. However, you don’t need to buy books at their original costs. Log onto Book Depository and open up a treasure box for the book-lover in you. Getting books here might take a little more time, but the delivery is free and you can easily save a lot of money.

If you want to save further, use the NLB app to borrow ebooks for free. It’s a fairly new initiative and there are a few kinks in the borrowing/returning process, but this is something to keep a look out for nonetheless!

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Bonus: How about not paying full price for anything?

If you think about it, you could get pretty much everything at a discount if you buy smartly. For example, if you use an HSBC Advance Credit Card or an American Express True Cash Back Card, you’re going to be able to get at least 1.5% cash back on all your purchases. Bingo!

HSBC Advance Credit CardHSBC Advance Credit Card
Card Type: Cashback
Annual Fee: S$192.60 (1-year waiver)
Apply Now
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Rewards :

  • Up to 3.5% cashback on all purchases
  • No minimum spend
  • Perpetual fee waiver for Advance Banking Customers
  • Cashback capped at S$125 for HSBC Advance Banking Customers and S$70 for other customers

What else would you never pay full price for? Let us know your tips!


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