Revealed! The Best Cashback Credit Cards for Grocery Shopping in Singapore

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10 Best Cashback Credit Cards for Grocery Shopping in Singapore_Grocery shopping credit cards

Grocery shopping. Two words that can incite fear even in the strongest of people. Not because you may think of it as a chore. But due to the fact that there are hardly any trips made to the grocery store where you don’t end up buying more than what you need. In fact, we are pretty sure that, like us, your idea of living dangerously is to go to the grocery store without a list!

Jokes aside, it shouldn’t come as a surprise a typical family of 4 would spend about S$500 – S$600 on groceries. And this isn’t including all our impulsive buys. While changing your purchasing habits isn’t easy, you can ensure that the expense is easier to handle. You can do this by using a grocery credit card that offers you cashback on your grocery and supermarket spends.

To help you save while you spend, here is our list of the best cashback credit cards for grocery shopping in Singapore.

1. Citi Cash Back Card

The Citi Cash Back Card (full review here) rewards you with 8% cash back on your grocery spends, up to a monthly cap of S$25. This means that you shouldn’t spend more than $312.50 on groceries if you’re keen on maximising your cash back.

What we love: 8% cash back on groceries is one of the highest in town. It’s great for smaller families that groceries often, but also love to dine out.

The flipside: The minimum monthly spend to be eligible for this cash back is S$888.

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Citi Cash Back CardCiti Cash Back Card
Card Type: Cashback
Annual Fee: S$192.60 (1-year fee waiver)
Apply Now
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Rewards :

  • 8% cash back on dining, groceries, Grab, and petrol expense worldwide
  • Minimum spend of S$888 per month
  • Bonus Cashback capped at S$25 per category per statement month
  • Up to 20.88% savings on fuel at Esso and Shell stations

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2. UOB Delight Credit Card

If a large part of your income goes towards groceries, and you find yourself shopping at Cold Storage or Giant often, then this card is the one you should get. With the UOB Delight Credit Card, you earn up to 8% rebate at supermarkets such as Cold Storage, Jasons, Market Place, Giant, and Guardian.

What we love: The annual fee is waived for the first year and is relatively low at just S$85.60. And if you decide to buy house brand products at Cold Storage, Giant, and Guardian, you get a 10% discount!

The flipside: The rebate is capped at S$50 SMART$ per month and you are rewarded with SMART$ that need to be redeemed, instead of getting cash to offset your bill. There’s also a minimum spend of S$800 to earn the highest rebate. If you spend between S$400 to S$799, the rebate earned is 3%.

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3. POSB Everyday Card

As its name suggests, the POSB Everyday Card (full review here) is made for those who use their credit card to pay for most of their daily expenses – groceries, petrol, utility bills, and more.

What we love: The 5% cash rebate for groceries bought at Sheng Siong, capped at S$50 a month, makes this card a winner. In fact, there is no minimum spend to earn the 5% rebate or any rebates!

The flipside: The rebates for groceries is only applicable for Sheng Siong spends and BOC has launched a competing card with more rebates than the POSB Everyday Card.

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4. CIMB Visa Signature Card

A credit card with no annual fees and rewards you when you spend at grocery stores and supermarkets? Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But it really isn’t!

What we love: You get 10% cashback on all local and overseas supermarket transactions. If you prefer shopping for your groceries online, worry not because you get 10% cashback on online grocery purchases as well! So, if you feel like cooking up a storm in the kitchen, go ahead and buy those ingredients and even if the dish doesn’t turn out well, at least you know that you ended up saving some money on that purchase!

All of this with no annual fee!

The flipside: You need to spend a minimum of S$600 per statement month to be eligible for the 10% cashback. If you fail to spend this amount, you earn only 0.2% as cashback.

Additionally, the cashback is capped at S$100 per statement month and S$50 per category. So keep track of your spending and switch to another grocery credit card the minute you reach the S$50 cashback cap for grocery spends.

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5. BOC Sheng Siong Card

If there was ever a card made for those who love grocery shopping at Sheng Siong, this is the one (full review here).

What we love: You can earn up to 10% cash rebate on your Sheng Siong spends, with a potential savings of S$90 a month. This rebate is earned in two parts. The first part allows you to earn a 7% rebate at Sheng Siong with no minimum spend. The second, an additional 3% rebate, is awarded only if you spend a minimum of S$400 at places apart from Sheng Siong during the same period.

This card has the lowest annual fee of S$30. It might as well be free!

The flipside: If we were to nitpick, it’s that you have to shop at Sheng Siong.

Looking to make the most of your Sheng Siong spends? Apply for this card on Bankbazaar and get an exciting gift!

BOC Sheng Siong CardBOC Sheng Siong Card
Card Type: Cash rebate
Annual Fee: S$30 (1-year fee waiver)
Apply Now
Show More Details

  • Up to 10% cash rebate on Sheng Siong spends split into 7% and an additional 3% rebate
  • Additional 3% rebate is on S$400 minimum out-store spend each month, capped at S$20
  • 5% cash rebate on Grab and all other taxi rides in Singapore, capped at S$20 per month
  • 1% cash rebate on overseas spends with no minimum spend requirement or cap on rebate

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6. HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

HSBC’s Visa Platinum Credit Card (full review here) lets you earn cash rebates on groceries, dining, and petrol.

What we love: You can earn a 5% rebate in a quarter on your grocery spends if you spend a minimum of S$600 per month for that quarter.

The flipside: The rebate is capped at S$250 per quarter, which is around S$83.33 each month. If you don’t meet the required spend for all three months in a quarter, your overall cashback is affected.

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7. Citibank SMRT Card

The Citibank SMRT Card (full review here) offers you SMRT$ rebates and allows you to redeem them for vouchers. Get up to 5% savings on groceries, movies, online shopping & more with this card.

What we love: A minimum spend of S$50 per transaction awards you with 5% rebate at FairPrice, Sheng Siong, and Giant. For transactions below S$50, you get a 3% rebate. If you shop at FairPrice Xtra Kallang Wave, even better, because you earn up to 7.3% rebate!

The flipside: If you buy most of your grocery from non-partner grocery stores such as Cold Storage, you won’t earn any SMRT$ rebates for those purchases. You can, however, redeem your existing SMRT$ for vouchers that can be used at these stores. But if a majority of your spending is at non-partner stores you would be better off with a card that rewards those spends.

Get smart with the SMRT Card. Apply for it on Bankbazaar and get a free gift!

Citibank SMRT CardCitibank SMRT Card
Card Type: Cash rebate
Annual Fee: S$192.60 (2-year fee waiver)
Apply Now
Show More Details
Rewards :

  • Up to 5% savings at selected supermarkets, movies, fast food, and coffee
  • Up to 3% savings on online shopping
  • Rebates are given in the form of SMRT$

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8. OCBC Plus! Visa Card

The OCBC Plus! Visa Card (full review here) is made to help you manage your daily expenses by providing you with great savings from FairPrice.

What we love: The 7% rebate at FairPrice stores and at Warehouse Club allows you to save while buying your daily essentials. Purchases made online on FairPrice’s website earn you a 3% cash rebate.

The flipside: While the rebate is for purchases at FairPrice and Warehouse Club, you are eligible to earn this rebate only if you spend a minimum of S$500 each month at places other than FairPrice, FairPrice On, Warehouse Club, and Unity.

Apply for this card on Bankbazaar and get a free gift on card approval!

OCBC Plus! Visa Credit CardOCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card
Card Type: Cash rebate
Annual Fee: S$107 (1-year fee waiver)
Apply Now
Show More Details

  • 7% cash rebate at FairPrice Stores, Warehouse Club, and Unity
  • 3% rebate on FairPrice On
  • Minimum monthly spend of S$500 outside of FairPrice

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9. OCBC 365 Credit Card

One of our favourite cards (full review here) in the past when it first launched. These days, it’s not as attractive as some of the newer credit cards.

What we love: 3% cashback on grocery spends at supermarkets throughout Singapore. Couple this with the cashback you earn on other categories such as dining, shopping, petrol, telco bills, and other eligible retail spends and you’ve got yourself a pretty great card to help you save while you spend!

The flipside: You are eligible to earn the 3% cashback only if you spend a minimum of S$800 each month. If you spend less than that (even S$799), you earn only 0.3% as cashback. Additionally, your cashback has a monthly cap of S$80.

Considering getting this card? Apply for it on Bankbazaar and get a free gift!

OCBC 365 Credit CardOCBC 365 Credit Card
Card Type: Cashback
Annual Fee: S$192.60 (2-year fee waiver)
Apply Now
Show More Details

  • Up to 6% cashback on local and overseas dining and online food delivery
  • Get up to 5% cashback on petrol at all fuel stations in Singapore
  • Up to 3% cashback on grocery spends, local and overseas transport, online travel bookings, and recurring utility bills
  • S$800 minimum spend each month and cashback is capped at S$80 per month

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10. Maybank Family & Friends Card

In addition to merchant discounts, the Maybank Family & Friends Card (full review here) also awards you with rebates on your everyday spends in Singapore and Malaysia.

What we love: Earn 8% cash rebate at selected grocery stores when you spend S$1,000 per month and 5% cash rebate when you spend S$500 per month. Not just this, the annual fee of S$180 is waived for 3 years.

The flipside: The cap on the rebate you can earn annually for grocery spends and other categories (transport, retail, leisure, health and wellness, fast food delivery) that earn 8% cash rebate is S$600. So, per month you can only earn S$50. Moreover, inability to meet the rather high minimum spend means that you will earn a flat rate of 0.3% irrespective of the category of spend.

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11. Bonus pick: BOC Family Card

The BOC Family Card (full review here) is designed to reward your everyday spending. From groceries to other daily necessities, this card is one that takes care of your family’s needs.

What we love: You earn 3% cash rebate at supermarkets in Singapore.

The flipside: To be eligible to earn the rebate, you need to charge a minimum of S$800 to your card each month. Plus, the total cash rebate that you can earn on supermarket spends is capped at S$30 per billing cycle. This cap also includes purchases that earn 0.3% on all other retail spends.

Get this card on Bankbazaar and get an exciting gift!

BOC Family CardBOC Family Card
Card Type: Cash rebate
Annual Fee: S$190 (1-year fee waiver)
Apply Now
Show More Details

  • 10% cash rebate on local and overseas dining and entertainment spends
  • 5% cash rebate at selected merchants
  • 3% cash rebate at supermarkets and on online spends, Grab, and taxi rides
  • S$800 minimum monthly spend requirement and cash rebate is capped at S$80 per statement month

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Saving while you spend isn’t that difficult, is it? It does come with a caveat, though. You see, all of these great ways to save is possible only when you meet your minimum monthly spends and pay your credit card bill in full and on time. Paying only the minimum amount or defaulting on your payments will only lead to interest being accrued on your monthly statement. So, instead of using the cashback you earn to save on your grocery shopping, you will only be spending more.

So, go ahead and buy that organic spinach, not only will it be good for you, but you will also end up saving quite a bit!

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